Videos from Hull Arena


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Will be here soon, uploading now. Brace yourselves. :lbf:

Here they are. I've kept the compression to an acceptable level. I may produce a DVD of the uncompressed videos. The quality is good throughout. Please leave me some feedback, it makes it worth the time and effort. Enjoy - Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself - When Last I Spoke To Carol - This Charming Man - The Loop - Irish Blood, English Heart - How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel - Best Friend On The Payroll
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Thanks Mal!

I can't wait to download these!!!!!


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A dvd would be welcome many thanks for the time and effort to get these videos

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Thanks so much, great footage! Such a good gig. It's making this night a little more bearable while i'm imagining the fun i'm missing out on in Manchester.

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please could some kind soul put these on megaupload as me and the wife went to this concert and it was amazing.....would bring back good memories:):):) thank you in advance


irish blood dublin heart

Great to finally meet you (and the clan) in the Bulls Head before the Apollo.
The DVD you gave me was excellent quality. Brilliant stuff

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