Video Clips From Carnegie Hall, NYC 3/26

awesome i've wanted to see carol played since the start of the tour,
awesome stuff thanks KareLondon and everyone else involved


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Did anyone download Carol before it was pulled? I was going to this morning and just didn't (WHY?) If someone has it, please upload to Rapidshare etc.


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Ridiculous - if Morrissey isn't complaining why the hell should the venue. Too much up its own arse I think.


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Per the DMCA only the owner of the work can request it be pulled down. Karel can request it be put back up until the owner of it proves they are the actual owner.


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How to download videos and watch them

If you go here: (NSFW because of porn ads... might be a better site but I was trying to do this quickly)

You can put in the youtube url and save the file. It will save is video.flv so rename it so you can remember what it is.

Then install this:

Then you can watch the videos

I wish I grabbed the first Carol video.

Looks better on my screen because this image has been compressed.


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I use downloadhelper with Mozilla.
it gets confusing. sometimes i am not sure if i am downloading the higher quality or the standard quality. I like to do it manually. Not sure how to do it on Firefox (though it is my primary browser), so i use Safari.

In Safari:
1) go to the YouTube video
2)Click HQ if it is an option, move the playhead to the beginning and let the video buffer.
3)while the video is buffering, go to Window>Activity
4)Look for the high quality video by looking at the file sizes on the right. The largest file is the file you want. If the video didn't finish buffering, you'll notice the number is still increasing saying something like "3.2 MB of 5.1MB". note: There are two large files. One is standard def, the other HQ. Unless there is only one quality option originally.
5)Double-click the file you want and the file should download to wherever you have it set as a destination. Mine is the Desktop. Enjoy.
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Carnegie Hall NYC download?

Was wondering if anyone managed to record the show at Carnegie Hall and if it's available for download anywhere? I would love to get a copy as I have copies of the last two times I saw Moz in concert in 2004 and 2007 in NYC. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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