Morrissey Central "VIDEO BY REVOLVER DOLLS" (November 8, 2021)


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Some more Revolver Dolls work:


That's really beautiful and adds a new dimension to the song. The Hagen-like "hunter and backstabber" looks very much like Johnny Marr, when it comes to Morrissey, there is a certain resemblance in the lower part of his face. Love the little black kitty.

Oh my

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If that's a fan video, it's for sure one of the best ones I have seen when it comes to quality! (I don't like the dragon or the script of the video at all... But it's still an excellent job if it's a fan video).


God is Johnny with bow and arrow as he finishes it seems that he wants to kill Moz!!!??? it is a good attempt but Moz's face is not achieved, Johnny's seems more real!
Johnny es lindo!!!!!


Morrissey stops posting videos and does an online show like Johnny Marr does!!!! And even if it is to give us a bonfire theme !! Let's go VamOz vos podes Mozys vamos Tilin!!!


Last of the famous international screw ups.
This is such a gorgeous toon.


The author of this beautiful video is Argentina!!! She is a woman I wish it were me but I have no charms...... well if I have....


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This is superb, I wish all videos were like this. Just the way that his mouth moves, and has nothing to do with the words he's singing - fantastic.

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Beautiful video.

Moz riding a dragon is so telling... And so is JM pointing an arrow to his head.

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Wtf’s going on?! Lol! Futuristic dragons Batman !

still better than Johnny Clichés
Tenement teen, or whatever it’s called.

I've got some punk
To lay on you

Just be real girl
I never asked you to be true’

- Morrissey


That Dragon is symbolizin' depression.
Sometimes they'll say that fightin' depression
is learnin' to tame or reign the Dragon.
Moz reigns in the Dragon and then his life
and joyful livin' comes back.
That's why them animals come back to life.
The Johnny archer is symbolizin' how there's
still gonna be folks slingin' arrows at ya, but
when ya in that shinin' mind state, then them
slingin' arrows won'y get ya.

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