VIDEO - 7 April 2006 - 4Music Presents (Channel 4, UK)

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    Apr 26, 2006
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    7 April 2006 - 4Music Presents (Channel 4, UK)

    • You Have Killed Me
    • The Youngest Was The Most Loved
    • I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    • Still Ill (lyric change, "England's a swine..."
    • Plus two segments of Morrissey being interviewed by host Edith Bowman.
    Apparently, Channel 4 was able able to squeeze some interview and performance time in with Morrissey between the coverage of future wars...

    Morrissey is interviewed and gives a terrific live performance. For everyone tired of audio here's an .AVI file for you to watch. Most older fans will have this, but to the newer ones this is a great TV piece promoting the upcoming Ringleader album and tour.

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