Victoria Wood's "Fourteen Again" MP3?


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****I've now found the file*****

I've uploaded it here -

Has anyone got a this song on MP3 they would be willing to post up here? I am trying, without luck to find it anywhere...

I've got the lyrics (see below), I just need to damn blasted song!

I want to be fourteen again,
When sex was just called number ten,

And I was up to seven and a half.

Boys were for love, girls were for fun.
You burst out laughing if you saw a nun.

Sophistication was a sports car and a chiffon scarf.

I want to be fourteen again,
Tattoo my self with a fountain pen,

Pretend to like the taste of rum and Coke,

Chuck my school hat in a bush,
Spit on my mascara brush,

Buy Consulate and teach myself to smoke.

I want to be fourteen again,
Free rides on the waltzer off the fairground men

For a promise of a snog the last night of the fair—

French kissing as the kiosks shut
Behind the generators with your coconut,

The coloured lights reflected in the Brylcream on his hair.

I want to be fourteen again,
For all the things I didn't know then.

When I was funny, I was famous, I was never ignored,

I was a crazy girl, I had to laugh.
I had Ilya Kuriakin's autograph.

I had no idea you could wake up feeling bored.
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I would love this as well as Rusholme Ruffians was based on this. Also theres another Victoria Wood song called "Funny How Things Turn Out" which Rusholme Ruffians steal a few lines from.


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Now found the file see link in first post....!

It won't let me download. I've tried IE and Firefox and neither work. Could you upload it to Megaupload, Sendfile, or something else? I've been looking for this for ages.

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Thanks for this, I think she's a comedy genius!
I had no idea she had 'inspired' Morrissey!
'Let's do it' always has me in stitches-if I had it, I'd post it....


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I have the all the tracks from her lucky bag album (thanks to a very kind person, that's another story...).

I'll post other up once I've listened to them all, there are allegedly a couple more lines our Moz has taken from her songs.


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Since you mentioned 'Lucky Bag' I've been looking for it but to no avail...apart from a copy on vinyl-does anyone know if it was released on CD?


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If you could that would be much appreciated!

If you can't though, I'll dust off the record player and get the vinyl!

Thanks again!
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