* Very unusual SIGNED original MORRISSEY print ~ 1985 ~ "Under the iron bridge we..."

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* SIGNED original MORRISSEY + SKINHEAD GIRLS print ~ 1985 ~ "Under the iron bridge.."

Thought you might be interested - there's an original signed Morrissey print for sale by the artist/photographer:


. . .

He's also selling an original, signed print of the Skinhead Girls image that Moz used as a backdrop during the Your Arsenal tour:


. . . .

They are large, professional quality/museum-grade Crystal Archive prints by the photographer himself, Derek Ridgers, the well known British rock photographer who shot Morrissey in 1985 (with a camera!) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derek_Ridgers - http://www.derekridgers.com/homepage

There's a Buy It Now price, but the auctions are also open to offers...

Part of an interesting series of atmospheric photos by Ridgers of Moz taken under a bridge in Lambeth, London... http://www.derekridgers.com/index?m...yword=morrissey&imageField.x=7&imageField.y=8


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Re: * Very unusual SIGNED original MORRISSEY print ~ 1985 ~ "Under the iron bridge we

Both the Morrissey print and the Skinhead Girls image are now sold. But contact me if you are interested in more.
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