"Vauxhall & I" released 14 years ago today

Again, I mean the UK release, which is its worldwide debut. Again, here's what Passions would say about it if Passions were live right now.

Coincidentally, there's an even more significant Morrissey anniversary today.
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Nearly his best solo album...I prefer Viva Hate (extended version) and probably Your Arsenal to this but still a mind blowing piece from Moz!

Love PTxx.


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My second favorite album of all time. I had matured by a landslide since first listening to Morrissey then hearing this sound, but it transported me during a very tumultous time in my live. Morrissey and I drove many miles together with this album. We went to the beach a lot.

What a coincidence.


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All these 'anniversaries' are making me feel old(er)! :p

A favorite of so many. It's a simply gorgeous album, start to finish. Not a 'skipper' tune in the bunch. You know you can 'trust' in this record to put you in a better (or worse :p) mood. It's the best! :D It's a good, old standby when I don't know what music I want to hear...always turns out it's the one I needed.

It was def a peak in his career -and in my Moz-luvin life :) Even my dh likes this record, and that's sayin somethin :rolleyes:


Nice(ly said) little write up on LASID:

The launch of Morrissey's finest solo album, in 1994, was accompanied by several signing sessions across the country. I can't help but introduce thousands of superlatives when discussing this album; the word "beautiful" hardly does it justice. From the moving clarinets of "Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning" to the tear-inducing signpost that is "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself", this album sparkles with a sadness unsurpassed by any other artist, ever. The frank admission of "Speedway", the chart-busting grower "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get", the gorgeous "Now My Heart Is Full"; ... oh !

The resignatory feeling that permeates the album served as a tonic for the fame-weary Morrissey; while recording it, he felt sure that this was his last album - a delicate farewell. I can't see how anyone can criticise anybody who has produced an album such as this, of such lasting elegance, meaning, and above all, humanity.

The background of the recent deaths of three close friends (Tim Broad, Mick Ronson and manager Nigel Thomas) simply makes this album all the more personal. The combination of writers Boorer and Whyte with the top-notch production by Steve Lillywhite (who is coincidentally married to Smiths collaborator Kirsty Maccoll) is god-touched, unreservedly.
The title is a clear reference to seminal British film Withnail And I. Vauxhall is a tube station in London near where Morrissey lived for a while (I think).

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This cassette (ahem) got me back into Moz in a big way. I remember hearing it for the first time on my Walkman, riding a ferry across the Long Island sound on a cold and foggy day. Epic.
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