Vauxhall And I enters UK charts at number 45 (midweek)


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As part of HMV's vinyl week exclusives, Vauxhall And I was released on blue vinyl in the UK today.
There is not a single reference to 2020 anywhere on the vinyl/art and is copyright 2014.
It is the remaster from this date.
There is no matrix message and nothing of any difference particularly to the gold version.
1000 copies made.
The album art is exactly that of the previous release.
Only the HMV stickers denote anything different about the record (including an external barcode sticker).

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(Carl Lindström AG/'Parlophon' was the company bought out by EMI to become Parlophone).

Colour comparison with California Son:
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HMV had a reserve and collect later system in place to save queuing when I turned up at daft o'clock which was appreciated.
HMV have stated that anything from the event not sold out/bought today will be offered online after 6pm.
(The New York Dolls pink vinyl was worth buying too).

Vauxhall and I enters UK album chart at #45
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