"Vauxhall And I" (Definitive Master) released (UK - June 2, 2014)

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By davidt on Jun 2, 2014 at 5:08 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2014 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jun 2, 2014.

    1. ThievesLikeUs
      classic album from the 90s. It got overshadowed by all the west coast bands that released big albums, but this is/was one of the absolute best.
      Maybe a few VH&I bustouts later in the tour...one can always hope :)
    2. Anonymous
      Mays be a stupid question but is this being released in the u.s? I can only find info saying uk release. Anyone know? Or care?
    3. Martin
      What's with the font changing though? Always tends to f*ck things up, methinks.
    4. Anonymous
      I asked a friend who works for a reissue label - she says it's customary to alter covers of remastered/expanded/deluxe editions so that they cannot be mistaken for original editions by the casual browser. Given that the label will have required changes of some kind for this very reason, I think the new V&I is infinitely preferable to the new Bona Drag. But hey, don't let that stop this site finding new reasons to blame Morrissey (someone should register blame-morrissey.com - if davidt doesn't want it, how about Johnny B or Brummie Boy?).
    5. marred
      At least he hasn't fucked around with the track listing like he did with the sacred Viva Hate. Treat me like a human being replacing The Ordinary Boys? God love him... You should be thankful it's only font he changed.

      The font change looks good anyway.
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    6. Anonymous
      I received my copy last week. It sounds good but the presentation is poor. The cover is 'too dark', there are photographs in the packaging that are not contemporary, and there are no sleevenotes or lyrics included whatsoever. Truly, a missed opportunity. The album is cheapened.
    7. Anonymous
      So the casual buyer is expected to spot font differences?
    8. Anonymous
      So does Vauxhall still sound like it was recorded underwater?
    9. marred
      It never did. All of Steve Lillywhite's productions sound great!
    10. Anonymous
      Yeah I HATE the sound of this album. The drums have all of the highs mixed out (esp the snare and toms) and the guitars have a overabundance of "dreamy" reverb, so everything sounds blurry and muffled.

      Southpaw Grammar on the other hand sounds great and crisp. Which is weird because it was the same producer. Too bad the songwriting is better on Vauxhall.
    11. VivaGil
      It's available tomorrow for 22.99 on vinyl from Amazon. Practically a steal with the vinyl is sometimes.
    12. marred
      Yeah you'd have to be a fool to buy from Amazon UK sometimes I swear. It's like $15 more.
    13. Mr Delaney
      Mr Delaney
      My thoughts exactly. Sound is good, brighter, and no lyrics/credits is a real shame. But I wouldn't call it a failure or anything. And I like the 1995 concert.
    14. Thomas__Dunn
      Am I the only one getting a weird crackling sound on Speedway? This isn't happening on any other song (no matter how loudly I play it).
    15. JEnglishSmith
      For those who have the release already, very interested to hear what people's opinions are of the sound quality changes with the remaster. I love the original album but some of the songs seem muted, fuzzed. The comments so far have been pretty general; I'm trying to decide whether this new one is worth getting. In particular, how do Now My Heart Is Full and The More You Ignore Me... fare?
    16. Anonymous
      too much bass for me now... expecially in "Now My Heart Is Full" and "Spring-Heeled Jim"...
    17. Anonymous
      The original record sounds great. I love the whole 'recorded under water/wrapped in cotton wool' vibe. It makes the whole album feel dreamlike in a way none of Morrissey's other albums do, and just adds to the thrilling transition when it builds up to the mayhem at the climax of 'Speedway'.

      If ever an album didn't need re-mastering - it was this one.

      'Ringleader of the Tormentors' on the other hand...
    18. marred
      Probably because it doesn't come with the second disc included?
    19. Anonymous
      Ringleaders is by far the worst quality production.
      Odd considering it's Tony Visconti.
      They recorded all instruments before giving him the final tracks.
      The problem may have lied in the recording process. There's only so much you can do once the sounds are laid down.

      Ringleader has a few great songs, not a great album, but it's the only one that should be redone if possible. It won't be. I'd have called it "KILL UNCLE II".

      Vauxhall always sounded just right to me. Either way, now there are 2 options.

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