Morrissey Central "VAPE? Nope. PEN? Yep." (January 15, 2024)

VAPE? Nope. PEN? Yep.


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Of course Morrissey (or any-f***in-one who is in charge of Central) doesn't visit this site :D. And of course he deosn't lie about this :D
Explain that vaping video from Cruel World Fest please, Morrissey. Or was that for your sinuses?
Do you ever wonder if he's one of the posters? Or one of the Anons who does a driveby really angry post when M is criticized?
I think that's a distinct possibility. He's not as technophobic as he makes out, so I'm sure he at least reads the comments here.

He's making it clear by this post that he's paying attention to this site and that he must set the record straight that he doesn't vape; it must be important to him, for some reason. So based off this it seems there are things he reads that bother him enough to straighten out the facts asap. That makes me think he maybe does that in reply to certain comments that really agitate him too.

Definitely a possibility. What do you think?
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That’s that, then!
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