Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary rescheduled to Oct. due to "medical emergency" - Ticketmaster

Discussion in 'Tour' started by ThomasB, Apr 13, 2019.

By ThomasB on Apr 13, 2019 at 10:39 PM
  1. ThomasB

    ThomasB Member

    Jan 30, 2018
    UPDATE: Apr. 18:
    Saskatoon via Facebook.


    UPDATE: Apr. 16:

    Posted by an anonymous person:

    Received an email from Ticketmaster confirming CALGARY’S new rescheduled date of Friday October 11, 8:00pm.

    UPDATE Apr. 16:

    Winnipeg rescheduled. Posted by an anonymous person:

    Shows now as being rescheduled to October 21. Still waiting for Calgary...

    UPDATE Apr. 14:

    Calgary (Apr. 17) is now listed as rescheduled on Ticketmaster with a date and time TBA

    UPDATE 5:15 PM PT:

    Edmonton (Apr. 18) is now reported to be postponed to Oct. 10. Posted by Famous when dead:


    Vancouver dates rescheduled for October. I knew it.

    At least it isn't cancelled.



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Discussion in 'Tour' started by ThomasB, Apr 13, 2019.

    1. Peppermint
      I'd say that was a healthy response. It's the people who keep making excuses for him that perpetuate the whole circus, imo. And yes, 'medical emergency' is so vague, and yet so dramatic at the same time, it smacks of a lie he couldn't even be bothered to think through properly, which makes it all the more insulting. Sorry you missed out, though.
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    2. rifke
      thanks pep! I wasnt that disappointed. it would've been great to see him again but i would've been more upset if I had never seen him before.
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    3. Famous when dead
    4. Jott Scones
      Jott Scones
      Why do so many people on here think they should be made aware of Morrissey's health (aka: medical emergency) status?

      It's none of your (or my) business.

      Sure you may have bought a ticket and made plans, and i'd be bummed too, but it's his life/health/decision.
    5. Surface
      Wouldn’t it be nice if he simply said, sorry guys some of the shows aren’t sold out, so I’m rescheduling until October?
    6. vegan cro spirit 111
      vegan cro spirit 111

      its the skinny parrot known as surface triggered by the catastrophic cancellation of the first three :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft:
      due to........are you ready for this......VISA problems.:drama:

      LOL the visa couldnt get paid because no tix were sold. what a caravan of twats, :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: and his merry band of cometry twats.:nomouth:

      lets see how many more shows the visa problem lol is going to kill. Do money visa problem.:smirkcat:
    7. rifke
      anyone going to see Morrissey in Vancouver in October?

      is there still going to be a show? would it be foolish of me to hang around for it?

      I need to see my baby again. it may be the last time ever. :(

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