Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary rescheduled to Oct. due to "medical emergency" - Ticketmaster

Discussion in 'Tour' started by ThomasB, Apr 13, 2019.

By ThomasB on Apr 13, 2019 at 10:39 PM
  1. ThomasB

    ThomasB Member

    Jan 30, 2018
    UPDATE: Apr. 18:
    Saskatoon via Facebook.


    UPDATE: Apr. 16:

    Posted by an anonymous person:

    Received an email from Ticketmaster confirming CALGARY’S new rescheduled date of Friday October 11, 8:00pm.

    UPDATE Apr. 16:

    Winnipeg rescheduled. Posted by an anonymous person:

    Shows now as being rescheduled to October 21. Still waiting for Calgary...

    UPDATE Apr. 14:

    Calgary (Apr. 17) is now listed as rescheduled on Ticketmaster with a date and time TBA

    UPDATE 5:15 PM PT:

    Edmonton (Apr. 18) is now reported to be postponed to Oct. 10. Posted by Famous when dead:


    Vancouver dates rescheduled for October. I knew it.

    At least it isn't cancelled.



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Discussion in 'Tour' started by ThomasB, Apr 13, 2019.

    1. Pablo Honey
      Pablo Honey
      Do we know what was the medical emergency or is it still a mystery?
    2. Light Housework
      Light Housework
      Morrissey's accident while traveling in Europe is still a mystery.
    3. AztecCamera
      Blikey blood rugbish. The California Son is not going to be in Yerope unless he has to be touring. Word is that he sprained his ankle when Jonesy fell on him during basketball practice mate inn n n nnn nnn nnn n nn nn nn nn n it.
    4. Anonymous

      I think Mike is more airbrushed. It would be interesting to find out if Morrissey was behind these glamour shots of Mike. What was the motivation? What were they for?
    5. Anonymous
      My favorite explanation of this medical emergency was that he woke up and found he was Morrissey.
    6. rivum
      it amazes me that there never was one word about the cancellation or accident from any official source aside from Ticketmaster.
      Or, maybe it doesn't...
      still, you'd think that there would have been an announcement on Morrissey central, interspersed somewhere along with the posts about shoes and graffiti...
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    7. Peppermint
      What, you mean, like an apology? :rolleyes: Yeah, I agree, it's incredibly incompetent PR, posting pics of his exorbitantly-priced bespoke designer shoes at the exact same time that many 'ordinary folk' had just lost money directly because of him. How he thinks that's going to help him shift the tickets that weren't shifting in the first place is not clear.
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    8. my lonely bench
      my lonely bench
      He needs to be on 'school report' like me. That'd get him 'in to work'.
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    9. Anonymous
      Has he canceled yet? I am about to get on a plane..
    10. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      If it helps at all, at least one of the band was near an amp 3 hours ago:

      farkomalarco~1556078409~2028855204425966173_418366473.jpg farkomalarco~1556151185~2029465747582957545_418366473.jpg 20190425_042640.jpg

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    11. Anonymous
      Shame... I was thinking how just playing Montréal after announcing an extensive tour of Canada months in advance would be quite a stunt to pull. Kind of like how the old prejudiced Polish bastard at the end of Gran Torino makes you smile, you know? Too bad he hasn't got it in him. :p
    12. morris n.
      morris n.
      very looking forward to show on friday it is exciting time of music i have love morrissey music very long times
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    13. morris n.
      morris n.
      we love you from toronto morrissey
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    14. The Truth
      The Truth
      Is an "illness" an "accident?" You're really struggling with this one.
      And numbers can only be interpreted so "believing actual numbers" is a bizarre concept.
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    15. Anonymous
    16. Jott Scones
      Jott Scones
      Welcome to Toronto !
      Cannot wait for the upcoming shows.
      I'll be there both nights.
      Excited beyond belief :guitar:
    17. Jott Scones
      Jott Scones
      And nice choice of beer Mando !
      I heart Lug Tread
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    18. rivum
      ha I was going to reply the same thing but got sidetracked today...
    19. rifke
      and not even necessarily an apology but just something a little less vague than 'medical emergency'. a medical emergency could be anything from a hangnail to an aneurysm. he's okay having his fans wonder about him and whether he's going to be alright.

      I've gone off him a bit, to be honest. im still happy to be known as a Morrissey fan if anyone asks, but in my heart I've gone off him.
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    20. my lonely bench
      my lonely bench
      It's a good job he doesn't have to go through a 'welcome back' chat at work. I have trouble remembering what was wrong with me.
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