Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary rescheduled to Oct. due to "medical emergency" - Ticketmaster

Discussion in 'Tour' started by ThomasB, Apr 13, 2019.

By ThomasB on Apr 13, 2019 at 10:39 PM
  1. ThomasB

    ThomasB Member

    Jan 30, 2018
    UPDATE: Apr. 18:
    Saskatoon via Facebook.


    UPDATE: Apr. 16:

    Posted by an anonymous person:

    Received an email from Ticketmaster confirming CALGARY’S new rescheduled date of Friday October 11, 8:00pm.

    UPDATE Apr. 16:

    Winnipeg rescheduled. Posted by an anonymous person:

    Shows now as being rescheduled to October 21. Still waiting for Calgary...

    UPDATE Apr. 14:

    Calgary (Apr. 17) is now listed as rescheduled on Ticketmaster with a date and time TBA

    UPDATE 5:15 PM PT:

    Edmonton (Apr. 18) is now reported to be postponed to Oct. 10. Posted by Famous when dead:


    Vancouver dates rescheduled for October. I knew it.

    At least it isn't cancelled.



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Discussion in 'Tour' started by ThomasB, Apr 13, 2019.

    1. Surface
      You still buy tickets for Saskatoon and Winnipeg, yet the tour page says postponed?
    2. Anonymous
      Just received word from tcu about Saskatoon: “Hi Tyler, unfortunately the show on April 20th won’t be going ahead as originally planned. We’re currently waiting for confirmation from the promoter on exact details regarding future performance dates, which we’ll be sending out to everyone who has purchased tickets as soon as possible.”
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    3. Surface
      Sorry to hear that, shame that Morrissey or his team can't interact with his fans on these cancellations, yet they are happy enough to talk about his shoes? It's really piss poor from him. Both the Saskatoon and Winnipeg shows have sold poorly but surely he could have rescheduled to smaller venues weeks ago when it became clear they weren't selling well?
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    4. Uncleskinny
      So. Who's left who DOESN'T think the cancellations are about poor sales? Who has confirmation of this mystery illness? Who believes hearsay rather than actual numbers?
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    5. vegan cro spirit 222
      vegan cro spirit 222

      “Thank you to those who still listen and who still care. The instant sell-outs and impressive ticket demands in Canada is a soothing happiness. Thank you, already, to everyone in Canada. Interest in the forthcoming California Son album is terrific, and again, a paralyzing joy for me”.

      if it was one of your :turban: twat sock puppets that had a medical emergency youd be over there
      copping money FFsdoh:

      the never ending drama:drama: of the :turban: sock puppets.:lbf:
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    6. Surface
      There were over 500 available from the venue in Saskatoon and a similar number for Winnipeg. Cant understand why he didn't downgrade to smaller halls. It doesn't bode well for the shows outside of broadway as there are thousands of tickets available for some of those dates. What the fuck were his management thinking when they booked a 25ooo seater venue 2 hours from a place where he will play for 5 nights. If Californian Son sells well, he may fill it but right now only 20% of the tickets have sold. It's just crazy.
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    7. Anonymous
      Well I wonder if Morrissey would be healthy and not continually cancel his shows if he were a murderous meat eater.
    8. Jott Scones
      Jott Scones
      It was silly to book shows in cities like Saskatoon & Winnipeg.
      There's less than 250,000 people living in Saskatoon.
      Vancouver, BC makes total sense.
      He should have included a show in Victoria (for Rifke), skipped the prairies entirely, and then picked up in Ontario with (in addition to the 2 shows in Toronto), added Hamilton, London and Ottawa to the tour.
      He would have sold way more tix.
      All three cities are an easy commute from Toronto, and not far from Buffalo or Detroit.
      The prairie shows, although thoughtful, were a stupid idea if the plan was to cancel due to poor sales.

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    9. Anonymous
      Not that there was any hope but show in Winnipeg finally taken off Concert Hall website
    10. NealCassidy
      Which one is that ?
    11. Anonymous
    12. Anonymous
      Ah, but all kinds of fans drive up from North Dakota (a 3-hour drive), and Minneapolis (7 hours) to catch a show. I saw lots of Illinois plates at a recent McCartney show, not to mention the surrounding Canadian area has almost 1M people (NW Ontario, Brandon, etc.). Shows have generally sold well - most pundits think it has to do with political stances (I’m not so sure)
    13. rifke
      I agree. plus the prairies are full of farmers and hicks who aren't going to know who Morrissey even is.
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    14. vegan cro spirit 222
      vegan cro spirit 222
      please ignore the hysterical sock puppeteers, the shows are being POSTPONED and
      already RESCHEDULED.:rock:
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    15. Anonymous
      Received an email from Ticketmaster confirming CALGARY’S new rescheduled date of Friday October 11, 8:00pm.
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    16. Anonymous
      Just got the official email from Ticketmaster. Calgary has been rescheduled for Friday, October 11.
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    17. Surface
      Camden, New Jersey, hover on the map there are thousands of tickets unsold. Maybe it it will pick up after the release of Californian Son?
    18. Bagsy
      Why don’t you fuck off too. Fuck off downstairs to your nan who you still live with. I’m here to discuss moz news not be an attention seeking troll cunt.
    19. Thewlis
      Get some proof before you spread lies and rumours again like you have been doing for a good 7, 8 years now. Think about it.
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    20. Surface
      You may want to consider some support for your anger management and my nan died in 1977.
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