Vancouver, BC - Orpheum Theatre (Oct. 15, 2019) post-show

Discussion in 'Tour' started by davidt, Oct 16, 2019.

By davidt on Oct 16, 2019 at 4:00 AM
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    Feb 12, 1997
    Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in.


    You'll Be Gone / Alma Matters / Hairdresser On Fire / Is It Really So Strange? / I Wish You Lonely / Irish Blood, English Heart / How Soon Is Now? / Back On The Chain Gang / I Am Hated For Loving / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Morning Starship / Wedding Bell Blues / Lady Willpower / Home Is A Question Mark / The Bullfighter Dies / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / Jack The Ripper / Some Say I Got Devil / I Won't Share You / Everyday Is Like Sunday // Suedehead

    Setlist courtesy of the
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Discussion in 'Tour' started by davidt, Oct 16, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      No one missed you!

      Getting beaten by swedes online and on the ice.
    2. Anonymous
      Exactly. I wanted to post this for a long time. I used to follow this site and participate in conversations (as Gozzer) from when it started, back in 1997. I had the opportunity to talk to and meet quite wonderful, polite, fascinating people all over the world. People that cannot even stand the filth, the madness, the foul language, the hatred that most comments are full of the last years. Rarely you see review under a gig topic anymore. Just 30 paranoid people having a go at each other. It's a shame that David, a fantastic guy that has offered a lot to this community, doesn't do anything about it. I urge the newer readers to go to the tour section and see what people used to write back in 97, 2002, 04... To check other older topics, where like-minded people all over the world used to share their love for music
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    3. Anonymous
      Agreed! remember the chatroom? I met some great people on there back in 1999/2000.
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    4. Anonymous
      The reason that David Tseng Let this once wonderful website become a cesspit of haters is because Morrissey refused to pay him and then banned him from concerts. Tseng should have kept it as a site for devoted fans, but he got greedy and wanted to earn off the back of Morrissey - that’s not what a true fan does, but he isn’t the only one, look at Dickie Felton.
      Since failing to get on the payroll, and since being kicked out of that concert in Denmark in 2011, David stopped caring and allowed Morrissey-solo to become a hate site that is just as bad as The G*ardian. How lovely it would be if David could put the past behind him, and turn this website back into a place where ‘fans’ can excitedly worship at the altar of Moz. As part of the ‘moving on’ process, the haters would have to be banned, with the likes of Peter Finan (and all his various accounts) shown the door.
      It won’t happen, of course, but thankfully we have for true fans - a place where Finan has never been allowed.

      Kind regards

      Janet Street-Porter
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    5. PIVI16

      Morrissey - I Won’t Share You (The Smiths), Vancouver BC 10/15/19
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    6. PIVI16
      Morrissey - I Won’t Share You (The Smiths), Vancouver BC 10/15/19

      Here is the version in Fichier audio MP3 / 320 kbit/s !!!


      Best Regards,
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    7. Anonymous
      Tseng and Finan are scum but you aren't fooling anyone Simon. Don't pull the "true fan" card. A number of people know about your psycho emotional abuse of female fans. Stop trying to suck vulnerable people in to your pissant lies. No one wants to read your boring dribble, and recruiting on this cesspool just makes you look desperate.
    8. gordyboy9
      it only started going downhill maybe four years ago or even less,your right about the concert reviews,people would post from the town the gig was at and everything leading up to the usual in life,things change.will it ever go back to the way it was,doubt it.
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    9. Anonymous
      Morrissey has uttered more shocking things in those years. The comments don't you think have been a way to protest and highlight his shams,racist vile nasty statements. He throws you out of his show if you protest there.
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    10. Anonymous
      There are some good points raised here in the comments above, & feel the need to state that I'm totally disappointed with this site.

      I came here, only very recently by comparison to other long-termers, hoping to find a fan site where I could read about tours, concerts, history, archive stuff, Moz stuff, Smiths stuff, etc. & was hoping to find like-minded people.

      Luckily there are a few like-minded, good people on here who clearly love Moz, & I personally appreciate the efforts of those concert-goers who upload vids/pics & provide mini-reviews, & I also thank FWD for all the work he does.

      Unfortunately, as ever, where there's good, there's bad.

      The nasty stuff posted by certain individuals is frankly vile & disturbing, & totally spoils the experience on here, which seems to be the objective of the 'haters' - to spoil it for others. 'Cesspit' sums it up nicely.

      The site owner (Tseng) should be ashamed of hosting this vile place, & do something about sorting it out, but he seems not to care, maybe for the reasons I've just read about in one of the posts above.

      So now I'm going to be told 'if you don't like this place, f-off elsewhere'...from certain people on here, I wouldn't expect anything else from you. Please feel free to disappoint me.

      Just for the record, I'm not Simon or anyone else from another Moz related site trying to poach fans; I'm just a music fan who loves The Smiths & Morrissey.

      The nasties won't change my mind, or make me hate Moz; the haters can type on their keyboards until their fingers bleed, but you won't change what I think of Moz, or his music.

      The Smiths & Moz are with me forever, & no one can take that away, no matter how hard they try.
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    11. Anonymous
      I'm not here to "worship at the altar of Moz" nor am I hear to read bad language abuse and filth about Morrissey or members on this site.
      I like his music, I like to hear about the concerts and people's genuine experiences at the gigs.
      I will never register for this site as the lack of moderation means I don't believe in it enough to register. There are a few peculiar people on here that are allowed to spoil it for the rest with David Tsengs blessing obviously. Nathan Steggles was right in his comments yesterday regarding why he is signing off. It is possible to have differing views about Morrissey without being abusive but not on this site.
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    12. Anonymous
      Just exactly what has 'shocked' you?
      Seems like an over statement to my mind, making a mountain out of a mole-hill.
      Please list these 'shocking' things, I for one want to know.

      Then please compare these shocking items against the shit which is actually happening in the world which are actually being physically done, & which are really, truly shocking.

      Then come back & tell me if you're still really, truly shocked by anything Moz has said, or done.

      If you are shocked that he evicted 'protesters', then maybe you should go & dedicate your life to Westlife, or some other non-band who might allow them.
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    13. Anonymous
      People can protest without using filthy abusive language towards Morrissey or others on this site síth differing views. If people have not got personal standards of behaviour towards others, they should not be allowed to post here. There are no basic standards of moderation of any kind on this site.
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    14. Anonymous
      When you feel that way about him, why do you come here? Most of the comments that aren't about his music have no place here. They should be on a boards forum somewhere else where people who wallow in that sort of negativity can do so ad nauseum without spoiling it for others who have no interest in trolling and abuse. The majority of comments against Morrissey here are not a rational protest but instead abuse fans for liking him, with name calling, vileness and filth.
      This is supposed to be a fan site, is it not? Or is it a facade so David Tseng can make revenue off fans and abuse them and Morrissey as revenge for being banned from his concerts. I can only conclude the latter as the weak moderation here is testament to that.
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    15. Anonymous
      (Gozzer). As a left wing and a trade unionist, I am very upset with some of Morrissey's political statements too. I believe strongly in healthy criticism. But my comments weren't about the protests for Morrissey's ideological statements, which are understandable (as is Morrissey's right to have an opinion too and sometimes political correctness is a bit too much). They were about the terrible behaviour of people in the chatrooms, about the language, the insults, the harassment. If you look into older posts (and even back then in the 90s there were discussions about Morrissey's political views), you'll see that with very few exceptions there was a totally different spirit between the people. Even the disagreements were polite and civilised. You could find this true independent, innocent spirit of the indie community of the 80s and the early 90s. Friendhsips were formed with people from all over the world. Events were held. In the chatrooms hundreds of people participated and there were some wonderful all night chats. Now in here we have 20-30 people (there's no point mentioning nicknames, we all know...) who are an absolute disgrace. I understand people who totally dismissed Morrissey due to his views and are gone now. I belong to the category of people who adore the Smiths and much of Moz's solo work and have decided to separate the artist from the person and his views. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong, hstory will judge us all. I just don't understand some people who obviously disagree/hate Morrissey, why they keep appearing every day, in every post and keep insulting. I don't understand people who tranfer their personal feuds into every post filling it with disgusting, foul language. I don't understand the self-centered narcissists who continuously harass and insult others. I am sympathetic to any who feel lonely, have anxiety/personality disorders, I really feel for them. But the answer to their problems isn't this kind of behaviour. I am sorry for my long posts, haven't posted anything for the past 10 years or so, but felt the need to do it, because the situation in this site is alarming and this is my last effort to do at least something with the slight hope that something will change. If not, I will be very sad to stop reading it.
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    16. Anonymous
      I wonder will Morrissey stay in Canada till the next concert? No sightings from anyone there?
    17. lanterns
      thanks guys! a real delight. xxx
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    18. Anonymous
      It's not just female fans that Rat picks on, look at how he recently ripped Billy Bragg to pieces, and then there was that Sean Calder, Marcus Markou, Connor thingy, Paddy the girl beater, Hugh, Tim Jonze, the ginger bloke from The G*ardian, the scruffy bloke from The G*ardian, that other twat from The G*ardian....Rat doesn't let gender get in the way of his 'correcting'....and nor should he - as Napoleon said in Animal Farm, "All animals are equal."
      You're quite right that no one wants to read - it makes you wonder where those 1,264,942 page views have come from - the desperate f**ker must sit there all day reading every page himself.

      Viva hate!

      Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie
    19. Anonymous
      Where/when has Moz ever imposed his rules & opinions on you, or anyone else?
      Moz might have opinions, which get reported on his site, or in the press.
      Either you choose to read them, or you choose not to. I don't know what 'rules' you are talking about.

      Mormons knocking on your door don't impose their religion on you; you have the choice to open the door, read what they might give you, listen to what they say, or not.

      It really is that simple.
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    20. lanterns
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