Vaccine/Autism link a 'fraud'


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Heard about this on the radio this morning:

"A 1998 STUDY that unleashed a major health scare by linking childhood autism to a triple vaccine was "an elaborate fraud", the British Medical Journal has charged. Blamed for a disastrous boycott of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine in Britain, the study was retracted by The Lancet last year and its senior author disgraced, after the country's longest-running hearing, for conflict of interest and unethical treatment of patients".

Doctor Wakefield is no longer allowed to work as a doctor in the UK and has moved to America. I think it is interesting as the study did have an impact on vaccination rates and it will be difficult to change the publics mind about it. Australia still has 95% vaccination rate but I have found amongst my friends they are becoming reluctant to vaccinate their children.


The story has been reported last two years in the UK.

Dr Wakefield has been struck off by GMC in 2010.


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Well I guess we really are a step behind the whole world :(
The British Medical Journal came out yesterday with their fraud finding and denouncing the original study.

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I am afraid the Doctor could be right, but he disturbs people within the industry. I have read a book about vaccination, and all I can say, is that I don't want to be vaccinated again!!:sick:
I have read some pages of a book about "aluminium",and the author says the post war Irak syndroms seem to be linked with vaccinations.:cool:
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