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Wasted 8 of 9 lives...
I was looking at the FAQ's earlier because I had forgotten how to do something and I noticed that there's no instructions anywhere (that I could find) that tell you how to delete your account.

And I couldn't see any option on the User CP that allows you to unsubscribe.

Is that not a bit weird for an online forum? Or have I just missed the information.

I only ask because I have just unsubscribed from a load of junk emails that have been bugging me for ages and it was really easy...


Wasted 8 of 9 lives...
Thanks for that Virtually Dead - I think that answers all the questions I had.

I suppose it makes sense not to make it too easy, because it would indeed destroy a lot of threads/remove a lot of context.

Mind you, that might sometimes be a good thing ;)


It's all good
Accounts are never deleted, only become unused. If a user decided they don't want to use a name, then the answer is - just stop using it. If it's a trail of posts in the forums from a paricular user, then yes, David's yer man for that.

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