Used to run insta fanpage with 31k followers then it got taken down

"OfficialMoz" was nuked on IG due to selling bootlegs and then trying to charge subscriptions. It was named the same as the real Twitter portal which wouldn't have helped and copied text & images that the Twitter acc. was using.

The fuss regarding this:

Would have sealed the fate of the "officialmorrissey" account. Not to mention copying display pictures to echo the real account. The fact that some of the band followed said acc. would be all it took with regards to 'impersonating' a person and to save embarrassment - kill the page off. Add in: some of the changes to socials with the change from BMG to Quest (and the Central IG et al), would certainly mean more online scrutiny.
Assuming this acc. didn't relate to the "doggobenny" one, the chances are they killed it off as it wasnt too dissimilar to the one they'd already closed down.
I wish they just made me change my name or somethn instead of straight up banning me
It was "officialmorrissey"

The last thing I posted was an AI generated video of Morrissey eating meat

Louis theroux was following me, he liked one of my posts and so did Johnny marr.

It didn't specify why it was taken down just said I broke the rules.

Coulda been the fact that the majority of the memes I posted I didn't make (although some of the best and most liked were made by me), coulda been my name or coulda been too many reports from vegans. Dunno. I had no warning tho which was a shame. Maybe they even did it by mistake but I appealed and it didn't work.

It was a great page. Does anyone have any screenshots or anything of it? I used to have screenshots of all of it I was getting 500 followers a day I think the time it got deleted.
You sir, are an idiot.
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