US Yazoo concert to be broadcasted on satellite radio

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    The July 10th concert Yazoo played a the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles, California has been recorded to be re-aired on Richard Blade's Serius Radio Show. Between 3000 to 4000 people attended the show. The band was introduced by Richard Blade, famous host of 1980's hit station KROQ Los Angeles, and who is now hosting his own show on Serius satellite radio. Below is the complete setlist for the one hour and a half show:
    1. Nobody´s diary
    2. Bad connection
    3. Mr. Blue
    4. Good times
    5. Tuesday
    6. Ode to boy
    7. Goodbye 70´s
    8. Too pieces
    9. In my room
    10. Softly Over
    11. Walk Away From Love
    12. I before E except after C (dance version - all from tape/reel to reel)
    13. State Farm
    14. Sweet Thing
    15. Winter Kills
    16. Midnight
    17. Unmarked
    18. Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I)
    19. Don't Go (false start)
    20. Don't Go
    21. Crowd Banter
    22. Only You
    23. Situation

    Below is the video of the false start of Yazoo with Moyet messing up the lyrics during "Don't Go".

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