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The best I was pulling up for Austin was ORCH row H and for San Antonio row R. I threw them all back and I'll wait for the the general public sale tomorrow. It really does seem that they didn't release many good seats for the presale. All the presale seats have sold out for San Antonio according to Ticketmaster.
Freaking pre-sale password fiasco!!

First of all, thanks BucketsOfRain85 ! you are an Angel! I dont know how or where you got it, I have been for the last week asking both and true to you and nobody knew, not even AEG LIVE which website is outdated!! I hope that for the Las Vegas and LA shows we do have a password in advanced (like good old times)
thanks again BucketsOfRain85 I got Center Orquestra seats!! at exactly 10:10 a.m. PST.
4th row seat 9 in San Antonio! I'm convinced I could have gotten better had I not been an idiot and tried to open ticketmaster in another tab while my tickets were being searched for. :/ Oh well I'm perfectly happy with what I got. Now I just have to wait an hour and a half and buy my Austin ticket!
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Re: Freaking pre-sale password fiasco!!

arghhh row Z?! I got row z! :( My friend managed row N, so i think I'm going ot have to live with that because they sold out already in san antonio (or something)! I can't get them anymore 10 minutes into it!
Re: Freaking pre-sale password fiasco!!

Ticket for SA purchased! A long 3 mins to show results and got row D. I lucked out on good seats for both shows I am attending, good to go!
Re: Freaking pre-sale password fiasco!!

I'm row D also! I bought mine 14 minutes in! Which seats do you have?
Re: Freaking pre-sale password fiasco!!

I bought mine 3 mins in but at 10am I had row E so tried again. Austin I have orch row 3 seat 133 and for SA I have row D seat 10. Great seats!
Re: Freaking pre-sale password fiasco!!

man, how are you guys so magic? I have the worst luck. I hit refresh all through 9:59-10:00 and I got row z :(
just waiting for the ATX public sale at noon. I hope it works out in my favor, but I'm getting nervous.
Re: Freaking pre-sale password fiasco!!

It took 2 minutes to search the first time and gave me row H.
I tried again and it took 5 minutes to search. . . then i opened ticketmaster in a new window. . . so i had to enter the security code about 3 times because i kept getting it wrong. . . then another 5 minutes to search then BAM! Row D!
Then I tried again to get a friend a ticket and it was giving me row q and stuff. I'm still trying for her and row G is coming up . . .
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