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    UPDATE April 3:

    North American tour and Madison Square Garden posters on

    An anonymous person writes:

    Amanda Palmer support?!

    Morrissey new dates -
    2 April 2015

    Morrissey will continue promotion for World Peace Is None Of Your Business with the following confirmed North American dates:

    June 11
    New Orleans (LA) / Saenger Theater
    June 13
    Atlanta (GA) / Atlanta Symphony Hall
    June 15
    Durham (NC) / The Carolina Theatre
    June 24
    Worcester (MA) / Hanover Theater
    June 27
    New York City (NY) / Madison Square Garden
    June 29
    Akron (OH) / Akron Civic Theater
    June 30
    Cincinnati (OH) / Aronoff Center for the Arts
    July 2
    Nashville (TN) / Grand Ole Opry House
    July 8
    Detroit (MI) / Masonic Temple
    July 9
    Chicago (IL) / Civic Opera House
    July 11
    Normal (IL) / Bloomington Center for the Arts
    July 13
    St. Paul (MN) / Fitzgerald Theater
    July 16
    Morrison (CO) / Red Rocks
    July 18
    Salt Lake City (UT) / The Depot
    July 21
    Seattle (WA) / Benaroya Hall
    July 23
    Troutdale (OR) / Edgefield
    July 25
    San Jose (CA) / San Jose Event Center

    Blondie will open the night at Madison Square Garden
    Amanda Palmer will open the night at San Jose

    Please support Morrissey by downloading "Kiss Me A Lot" on iTunes US, or iTunes UK


    Media coverage:
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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by Anonymous, Apr 3, 2015.

    1. SomeTotallyRandomMozFan
      Hmmmm ... you just know a Moz Angeles date or two or seven will be announced eventually...
    2. Anonymous
      the fucking GARDEN! i'm so in.
    3. Anonymous
      i see several potential cancellations.
    4. Girlmostlikely
      Yeeeesssss! Wow Blondie! Wow the garden! I do hope he adds another northeast date or 2 (I know I know he shouldnt do too many...but Im a bit selfish)

      Elated this tour is announcer!
    5. Tynamuna
      Since when does morrissey like blondie

      - - - Updated - - -

      His music taste has really done a 360 since the early days
      Blondie seems like a band he would not touch with a Barge pole
      (Dont get me wrong blondie is awesome)

      - - - Updated - - -

      Iam starting to seriously think there is some "Paul is dead" shit thats happend to Morrissey
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    6. Tynamuna
      I just googled amanda palmer......
      Well Iam out
      Good luck and good life to you morrissey
    7. Lionsy
      Wow, Blondie support at New York, I bet that'll be a great night.
    8. butley
      He is at least leaving between a few days and a week between almost all of the gigs which is good. I hope the album gets a proper re-release soon. It seems strange,even by Morrissey standards, to promote an album you cannot buy.
    9. Blood flowers
      Blood flowers
      All this nonsense about not being able to buy the album. It's clearly available from Amazon, I mean who buys stuff from a store these days anyway!
    10. CrystalGeezer
      In the distance you can hear KY sobbing about Mandy Palms. :D
    11. Anonymous
      She's the person who wanted to help Moz CrowdSource an album. Perhaps Moz appreciated her gesture? Nice! :)

      Anyway, what a coincidence. I'll be in Detroit this month. Just the airport though. LOL.

      Oh, and why does Chicago have such a huge population? Just wonderin'.

    12. celibate
      no L.A., or Malibu.. Nancy gonna dump Morrissey

      seiues, congrats US, hope you have a wonderfull tour, enjoy

      'and they say he's mentall' if I didn't knew...
    13. Anonymous
      i'm really looking forward to hearing some of the world peace tracks live. i'd also love to see chrissie hynde join him for a tune or two in akron. fingers crossed.
    14. CrystalGeezer
      wahhhhh. I'm super sad.
      Last edited: Apr 3, 2015
    15. Anonymous
    16. Anonymous
      So glad to see Morrissey continuing to punish Canada by showing his love for the most-meat loving nation in the world, with all its Guantanamo torture, and illegal drone warfare, and world's highest incarceration levels and racial gun violence, and spying so pervasive it must surely bring a tear to the eye of many an old Stasi spy. No way are you a hypocrite, Morrissey: just, no way. Straight to the heart of empire with you. Maybe Debbie Harry will remember to bring her fur?
    17. AztecCamera
      Almost. He lives in Malibu with Nancy, so he doesn't need to play in LA to be with Nancy. Get it?
    18. Uncleskinny
      "Morrissey will continue promotion for World Peace Is None Of Your Business with the following confirmed North American dates"

      Good luck to him and all that, but won't the people going to the shows already have the album, and indeed the non-tangible 'single'? I think the cleft-stick he finds himself in is that at the moment he genuinely can't do anything else other than tour to bring the money in. It's not his fault, that's just the way the industry is now. If I was advising him, and I'm not, but if I was, I'd make the tour far, far less of a showcase for something that had it's fanfare last year, and bring in much more from his wider career. People going to the shows wont be enthused to hear a promotional set for something from last year, they will want to hear stuff from Arsenal, Vauxhall, Viva...
    19. bhops
      This is good advice and I can't help but agree mainly. However Morrissey I'm sure still sees himself as a recording artist, deal or not, and I suspect the fear he has is the minute he goes the 'greatest hits' route he risks becoming a nostalgia act, although many may already be going to his concerts for that very reason.

      The 'Oye Esteban' tour was probably I think the closest he has done to a hits tour and still remains my favourite tour as far as set lists go.

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