Urgent: Driving Help question

Ok, so am I doing a driving lesson tomorrow and I am tackling Pelican and Puffin crossings.

Trouble is I currently don't have my highway code book and so need to know the order of the lights on these crossings. Apparently one has flashing amber or something? I am horrible confused, please can those drivers help by providing a simple order of the lights that the driver shall see?

Love (a very desperate) PTxx.
any use? I am not a driver so it wasa google search only,

good luck with your lesson.
Thanks for your help, I have seen this site before and it seems to care more about peds than drivers unfortunately. Therefore it tells me what a crossing is but fails to truly descirbe the simple order of lights. Thanks again for your efforts though, much appreciated.

Any drivers shed any hope?, I simply need to know the order that the lights go, obviously when you can move they are Green but then do they go straight to Red to stop or is there Amber in between? Also, to get going again...arrggghh I am so confused :(

Love PTxx.

(Shall check to Highway code, thanks)
Sorry to be so nagging but am I correct to think this:



Love PTxx.
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