Urgent advice to Morrissey's friends/family/record company etc.



Please advise him to do two things to end the current apparent meltdown.
1. Keep off the internet for at least a whole month, preferably three
2. Learn the fundamentals about politics or never discuss the subject ever again.
Morrissey appears to have the political knowledge and sophistication of a 7 year old. Explain to him about the political spectrum from right to left wing. Talk him through some manifestos. Especially, make sure he understands the For Britain manifesto. Make sure he realises that they want to slash taxes for the rich. Make sure he realises that they want to end all environmental taxation and spend billions more on the military. Make sure he realises that they want to end all overseas aid. Because when he realises all these things, he will stop supporting them. Explain the Green party manifesto nice and clearly, and maybe the Liberal Democrats. Educate him about politics or tell him just to steer completely clear of the subject if he does not want to try to properly understand it. If he continues on this trajectory, his career in the UK at least is over. Please do these things.
Morrissey is not a bad or a malicious human being - but he is currently acting like a spectacularly foolish one.
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