Unloading my (modest) vault of Smiths/Morrissey unreleased versions


THANKS a Lot for these unreleased smithstracks... TACK SÅ MYCKET [as I would say in swedish].
as someone said earlier: Christmas has come early for me also :D


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Very interesting -- the LMKY demo -- it sounds extremely similar to the Nancy Sinatra version. Mozzer must have just gave that to her and let her put HER vocals atop it. Very intriguing.

The horns in the 'Frankly, Mr. Shankly' version make it sound almost like something off of 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band' :o

And the rest goes without saying, thank you VERY much, kind soul :)
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A couple of comments. The version of Rubber Ring is a million times better than the released version. Also, how many demos of Irish Blood are flying about? I have one, but am wondering whether it is the Cherokee sessions version?

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Great nuggets indeed and many, many thanks. I particularly like the more reggae-fied early Rubber Ring...

Is it just me or does Morrissey's voice sound strannge on the alternate Frankly, Mr. Shankly - like a high-pitched Morrissey robot!?

I do really like the additional trumpet parts which add even more kitchen sink colour to the track, something I would have previously thought was barely possible.


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Definitely thread of the year - thank you grlmopz - I wonder if any other hoarders are going to follow suit?

I agree with Flax's comments about putting all the studio out takes and demos together, properly labelling them, and for him to put together some artwork (I think he volunteered for it :) ) It gets my seal of approval ;) - should this be the topic of a separate thread?

And, finally, why has nowherefast944 been banned :confused:



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Many thanks for these little curios


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Frankly Mr Shankly sounds like George Formby

Different lyrics as well:
Frankly, Mr Shankly, I'm a Tremulous Wreak
Do something that I might be ashamed of.

No 'Oh give us your money' at the end.

Of course, Stephane got there before us.... http://www.passionsjustlikemine.com/lyrics/smiths-w-fms.htm

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