Question Unknown 2012 shirt


I am not BBC scum
I'm looking for information on this shirt, was it a one off, what leg of tour was it sold on, does anyone remember seeing it.
It looks to be a fanny the cat photo on a stamp don't have great pics to go by. So any help would be fantastic. If someone has one they could take a good picture for me....
Also I'd love to purchase it, but mainly any info. Anything


I am not BBC scum
Did you get one of the Italian ones (the blue one with white ring sleeves)?
I wish I had got two of them. Faux pax on my behalf.
Wow, I'm so sorry....I see it now, in the pic. ....and no I don't have that. ....amazing. thanks I appreciate you looking out. Back to the drawing board ......again.....


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I’m not sure what a “doosey” is..
But, this specific shirt was available at all 5 of the Italian shows in 2012 - at the official merch store. I don’t buy bootleg gear.
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