Unherd article by Alwyn Turner: "How Morrissey Revived the Union Jack" (August 8, 2022)

Here's a nuanced discussion of the Union Jack over the last 30 years.

It starts out focusing on Morrissey's Finsbury Park show but then broadens out into a much more cultural / political analysis of the flag and how it's been used.

Well worth a read, if you like this kind of thing. Sample paragraph:

It wasn’t the Union Jack that irked the hostile sections of the crowd. Their reaction was more to do with long hours of drinking, an impatience to relive their younger days with the Nutty Boys, and a suspicion of a bloke from Manchester wearing a gold-lamé shirt, split to the waist, prancing about in front of images of androgynous-looking skinhead girls. The previous year Morrissey had said his perfect audience would be “skinheads in nail polish”, but there weren’t many of them in Finsbury Park 30 years ago.

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New Membrane
A Mancunian singing "London is dead, London is dead" to an audience of mostly Londoners on a bill featuring other Londoners did not go down well. Who'd have thought?

Find it hard to believe that skins were actually listening to the lyrics. Alain pretty much points out why they got the reaction they did from those … ‘Londoners’.


Les Tameside

Just to clarify - are you a UK pro-Russian left-winger who thinks using the UK right-wing will further your cause? Or - are you a UK right-winger who thinks being used by the UK pro-Russian left will further your cause?
Ah. A dead cat.

Les Tameside

It's not a dead cat, we're on the same subject.

George is definitely working for Russia. He has always wanted the West to decline.

I'm just wondering what direction you're coming from - the right?
Far forward.

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