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A question about the URL code on the forum that gives the URL in a nice presentation with a thumbnail image, a hyperlink, and a subtitle. Here is how the code is written in someone's post where it comes out successfully:

[URL unfurl="true"]https://bozboorer.bandcamp.com/[/URL]

And this is how the URL appears:

But when I take out that particular URL and replace it with another, all I get is an ugly hyperlink of the naked URL:

But the only thing I've changed is the site address.

[URL unfurl="true"]https://tricycle.org/magazine/buddhist-death-rites/[/URL]

Does this code only give the "unfurl" presentation for certain websites? Or (if not) is there a change I need to make in my user settings?
It is likely related to the page itself, some may not support he rich text preview. I haven't looked at how that's supported, may be some needed metadata in the page. According to the software developer unfurl is:

When a URL is inserted into content and that URL exists on its own line within the content, we will "unfurl" it to a richer preview which includes the page title, metadata logo, description and favicon. Such rich previews add more context for users as to what the link contains. URL unfurling can be used anywhere that accepts BB code currently.
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