Unexpected Morrissey quotes/references in books


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I've just been flipping through a book published last year called "Weird New York" (which lists odd or spooky places throughout the state, replete with plenty of pictures), and there's a chapter called "Cemetary Safari" that starts out by quoting a few lines from Cemetry Gates. How fun! :D What other books can anybody name with unexpected little nods like this?

I know there's a bunch out there. I remember reading here on Solo about the non-fiction book "Heavy Words Lightly Thrown", and of course copious fiction ones: "Girlfriend in a Coma" by Douglas Coupland, "Perks of being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky and at least one by Nick Hornby. Oh, and I'm missing the very obvious "Wrong Boy" from Willy Russell. How much longer is this list?


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i think there is a reference to "there is a light that never goes out" in "trainspotting."


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In today's Guardian they are discussing the new Borat film. They interview a Kazakh national, who comes from the nation's capital, Almaty. He has a travel company named 'Alma Matters'. Ha!



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there is a Dutch writer; Ronald Giphart and a Belgian writer; Herman Brusselmans they used several references/quotes in the books they wrote. I have no idea if they have been translated in English....


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The chapter's about Spud and the underpass' in Wester Hailes or Sighthill in Edinburgh remind him of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. Quotes the lines from it.

Irvine Welsh also referenced "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Succesful" in Glue.
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