Uncut / The Smiths - Ultimate Music Guide (April 2019) includes "California Son" review

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By davidt on Apr 12, 2019 at 2:44 PM
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    Note: Available now for purchase in app stores.

    Posted by an anonymous person in the thread Official reviews for California Son:

    The first review is out!

    It's from Uncut. Can't quite see the score here but it's pretty positive and reads like a 7 or 8/10.
    Interestingly, I think Uncut published the first review of Low in High School with a damning score (possibly 5/10) and the conclusion that it was his worst since Kill Uncle.
    Please add other reviews to this thread (although there probably won't be many for another few 3 or 4 weeks).

    Also posted by an anonymous person:

    Morning Starship 4/5
    Don't Interrupt the Sorrow 3/5
    Only a Pawn in Their Game 4/5
    Suffer the Little Children 5/5
    Days of Decision 4/5
    It's Over 4/5
    Wedding Bell Blues 3/5
    Loneliness Remembers What Happiness Forgets 3/5
    Lady Willpower 5/5
    When You Close Your Eyes 3/5
    Lenny's Tune 3/5
    Some Say (I Got Devil) 4/5


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    Also posted by Famous when dead:

    For those who collect magazines the review is in this:
    The Smiths – Ultimate Music Guide (Deluxe Edition) - £10.99



    (Link not seen in Strange... thread at time of posting).
    Bit expensive IMHO.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davidt, Apr 12, 2019.

    1. countthree
      The selection of tracks must have a meaning for Morrissey. His voice sounds great in the songs we listened. That would be a good reason to chose them plus personal reasons we only can suspect.
    2. my lonely bench
      my lonely bench
      Morrisseys enjoying himself. Whether we do or not seems immaterial
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    3. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Well, that’s not surprising considering your name.
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      Its a great idea but the songs are a poor choice and the arrangements are just pedestrian, there is no love to be found in them apart from the voice. What a missed opportunity. Never liked pinups either apart from Sorrow.
    5. Anonymous
      Lynch ? I don't get what you mean
    6. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Liam Lynch just tweeted about his recent work (and upcoming work) with Moz.
      He stated he designed/made the album's cover.
      I hate those mags ive always got them in the past and realised that i never read anything new. Louis Armstrong put it best when he described rock and roll as cold soup warmed up. Nothing new here move on.
    8. bored
      That's completely irrelevant.

      I think he chose crappy covers. I liked a lot of LIHS.

      I know you just love everything he does so you basically are devoid of opinions. I have one and you don't agree with it. I think I was very fair. You should try attacking the argument instead of the person making it. You should try it some time.
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    9. bored
      I did say I would probably end up liking some of it. Ultimately these aren't great covers. I loved his version of Trash in 1991. I loved A Song From Under The Floorboards. I loved East/West. I loved No One Can Hold a Candle to You. I also have some affinity for the originals even if I heard his covers first.

      I just haven't been wowed by much of it. I do like some of the artwork and I think the vocals are excellent.. it's the songs themselves that I just am not getting into.
    10. Anonymous
    11. bored
      Perhaps when I hear it as a single entity I will feel differently.

      I think the difference for me is I immediately fell in love with a lot of LIHS.. Then more and more grew on me. WPINOYB on the other hand was something I didn't rate very high at first and came to like it a lot more over time.

      My initial impressions however are that these just aren't the best song. Possibly because they are from North America ;)
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    12. bored
      I really like "Chain Gang".. Even the video made me laugh as he "pretended" to play guitar.

      I'm not one of those haters. I'm also not one of those blind defenders. I think you have picked up on that which is appreciated.
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    13. Unlikely One
      Unlikely One
      Enjoying this phase. Bought this ultimate guide(the 137th) which offers not so much new but good writing drove me back up to my wee room to pop on the vinyls. Magical again.
    14. ForgivemeJESUS
      And you must realize its Morrissey Record to choose what songs not what you want. If you dont like it then dont listen to it. I think there great choices, the man has good taste, Hell I'm still stuck on Twins from Deluxe Lp, that song jams starship is great. Really anticipating hearing them Live
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    15. celibate
      checking if it's available in one of the Dutch book shops, 'Van Pierre' in Eindhoven , usually had those, but haven't been there in the last 2 years...it's a must buy

      enjoy the weekend all ,
    16. AztecCamera
      Reckon California Son is The California Son's masterpiece. Classic American artists covered by a classical American. I reckon why did this foreign rag have to put The California Son's most hated 3 people with him on a cover with the band he hates the most the smiths m8 in nnn nn n n n n n nnn n nnn nnn n it.
    17. Eldritch
      It's more like a book, since there are no adverts, no articles about bands you don't care for and usually about 160 pages long.
    18. Eldritch
      "Interestingly, I think Uncut published the first review of Low in High School with a damning score (possibly 5/10) and the conclusion that it was his worst since Kill Uncle."

      Well, magazines have different writers with different tastes. I've always found curious why people so often think that a writer's view = magazine's opinion.

      LIHS got quite lacklustre reviews in general as the Metacritic score 59/100 proves (World Peace has 70/100, Years Of Refusal 79/100).
    19. Emotional Guide Dog
      Emotional Guide Dog
      I like these reviews and comments from people along the lines of 'If you can separate the man from the music...' Is it just me that's been doing that for years? For almost all the time I've been listening to him I've been like, 'Good tunes but he isn't half a dickhead'
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    20. Anonymous
      It's not that simple - magazines often have policies towards an act, and editors may over-rule the journalists. The NME has decided to rubbish everything that Morrissey does in the last three years (they gave World Peace 9/10) because of the ugly views he's been expressing (fair enough).
      The Mojo LIHS review was very positive but the editor over-ruled and gave it a 6/10 mark.
      Uncut and NME gave LIHS awful reviews, and are both owned by the same company (and share a pool of journalists) so it is a surprise that Uncut has been positive about California Son. My guess is that the record company gave Uncut a very early copy of the album (we won't see any more reviews for 2 or 3 weeks) with some guarantee of a positive review.
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