Uncut the 1980s ultimate record collection: Smiths' not written on the cover but Fall yes

The only thing that matters, are the recordings. Everything else is superfluous.

I hear they put rappers in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Well, well, well, are the Fall more important than the Smiths to be mentioned on the front cover of this another tired special magazine about the 1980s.

All the predictable names are mentioned and some of the great bands are not. No Smiths, no Siouxsie and the Banshees either, no the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Is it not politically correct anymore to menton the Smiths on your cover as one of the most important band of the 80s? Well I am not going to buy the issue to find out whether the Smiths made the list.
Unlike most people out there living life for likes and approvals I absolutely love that I have devoted time and money and emotions to a man that with time only got more and more hated.

I really struggled during the years when he was loved by everyone and became mainstream and silly well educated people who should have stayed at home with their best of records pretended to understand Morrissey.

It was like peasants storming a aristocrat game of horse polo claiming they could play the game or even owned a horse.

I've always gone against the tide but not out of free will or because I planned it but it became me and the person I am. Silly people with perfect lives who never had acne or a bad day at school posed as Moz fans and they came from conservative homes which meant they had to rebel against their parents and pretended to be lefties.

Morrissey finally had to to say it. He spent years trying to make the new fans he got understand he is not for them and they are not for him. When that fat pig in Germany shouted loud against racists he had enough. You saw it in his reaction like he had been struck by lightning.

He knew Germany was not Germany anymore. That women outside the venue were getting raped and murdered. To then have a fat pig screaming about racists was the final straw.

So Moz is again alternative and according to some a racist and nazi and all the things people like me get labelled as. He is mine again and the leftie kids have grown up and have just spend xmas at their conservative parents home who all voted for Brexit and their kids cry cause they feel something for Scotland.

He was never your artist in the first place and you can finally play those best of chart records again and stop pretending you were indie and alternative cause your looks and fashion gave you all away.

Moz belongs to football hooligans and council indie fans and skinheads and yes even the nazis. He is one of us and always was and always will be. You Bowie fans in disguise can just fook off the lotta ya.
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