Uncut review by Johnny Sharp - IANADOAC 6/10

I Am Not A Dog On A Chain
Gloves remain on as Moz lashes out.
He hits and he misses
"I see no point in being nice," Morrissey
admits on the title track of his 13th studio
album, but we've seen him in meaner moods.
Musically, there are even moments of
sweetness, such as the Celtic tinges of
the warmly nostalgic "Once I Saw The
River Clean". The electro-pop of " Jim
Jim Falls" is also likeable, even if he
repeatedly trumpets: "if you're going
to kill yourself.. get on with it." Let's
charitably assume he is just parodying
what insensitive cretins used to say
about him. But there are other, less
successful experiments: few voices
are less suited to duetting with than
Moz's, and when Thelma Houston
tries it on "Bobby Don't You Think They
Know",well, square peg meet round hole.


i write this with a heavy heart. i love moz, and will listen to his body of work until the day i die. still, it is a rare person who can have as long a career as moz and not suffer a steep drop off in the quailty of his work. to have gone from a masterpiece of story( almost a novel) and musical atmosphere of late nite, maudlin street to the semi-drivel of his last 2 albums is sad( california sun being an exception, so well done) . when moz was a the top of his game, i used to deride all the other artists for repeating the same banal line 2 or 3 times in successsion, mearly trying to rhyme, and just using vocal filler to flesh out crappy songs.every lyric is so direct now, like a moz is now those other artists. luckily, the vast majority of his work is stellar, and will live on forever.


Sounds to me like the reviewer is a racist bastard ... clearly doesn't like Thelma.

Personally, I think their duet is a belter!

David Stanley

That is not even a proper review e few lines thrown together in 10 minutes not even mentioning most of the songs I suggest you give an artist as good as Morrissey at least a proper review
i am not a dog on a chain review

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