Uncut (May 2024): An Audience With Vini Reilly - Morrissey mentions (March 29, 2024)



Which relates to:

Saw him play with Peter Hook, in ‘94 (or maybe ‘95?). A mesmerising gig, although I don’t think its full significance alighted on me at the time: Durutti Column and New Order were simply bands I liked—so I thought I’d give it a go.

I hope, somehow, I can see him on stage again, with an appropriate sense of awe.
I love these kinds of stories about Moz. By all accounts he’s good-hearted weirdo in real life. Or at least he was when he was younger.
And Vini has a face as mean as his life has been.
Iggy Pop frequently plays music by the Duratti Column on his BBC Radio 6 show. He hasn't played Morrissey for too long. Has anyone ever heard a bad word said about Vini Reilly? The usual comment is what an under-rated genius he is. It's probably fair to say that Morrissey too would have gone through a few lulls in media attention during his long and illustrious career, and news relating to him and music is regular enough even then. No matter what's next, may he be healthy, happy and peaceful in body and mind, and may U2! :cool::cool::cool:

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