Ultimate Smiths collection for the walls in my house


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Hey so I'm looking at starting to buy a complete collection of Smiths and Moz albums/cds/etc to frame and put on the walls of my house. If anyone has any that's signed by the whole band (already framed or just the album/cd) just shoot me a pic of it and a price please!
Open to offers. Please message me


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Talking of which. Any suggestions for a frame to house and LP? Maybe one with a stand on the back to put on the side board/fireplace??
Sorry that won’t do it. Good luck

That's why I said idk. I don't know how much you want for them with at least a minimum offer so are you just wanting me to accidentally throw a higher number than you wanted for the item to cash in more than you expected? Lol. Let's be professionals here from collector to buyer. What's the minimum you'll take?
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