Ultimate List of Celebrity Moz Fans

Ricky Gervais
David Cameron and Jo Brand. Jools Holland. Zane Lowe
Rob Newman. I saw him at a gig in the late 90's at the Kentish Town forum.
kerri russell (felicity) likes the new album.
unlike Morrissey, who makes great music but has bad taste in other peoples music

What does he like, can you tell me? Never been much into that until now, I'm curious.
Well, what you do doesn't necessarily have to be as good as what you like to hear, that's why there are musical geniuses and bland musicians. Many bands today have The Smiths as references and some of us just which they'd fade away. It's life...
Stewart Lee - the standup comedian Morrissey?

Shockingly everyone forgot to mention Stewart. :eek:

Look forward to watching his show tonight.

Incidentally Harry Hill's TV Burp repeat (he sang Paris) also will be on. ;)
(King) Eric Cantona

He says in this month's FourFourTwo, which has an exclusive interview, "I liked The Smiths before I moved to Manchester. Morrissey, I liked the things he did and the way he did them. Very much. A lot of people in France liked him.".

and here's a photo of Moz in a Cantona t-shirt, so the affection is obviously mutual,


Excellent, thanks for that. Mozzer's fans don't come much cooler than Eric the King. :cool:
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