Ultimate List of Celebrity Moz Fans

Not really.

Someone met her and asked about Morrissey posted here that she wasn't.
When Corntney was having lunch with Morrissey and Michael Stipe, Chuck Norris came, she was transfixed to Norris.

You can read it from a thread Morrissey and Courtney Love.

This sounds right to me. One thing is for sure, she is transfixed by her crack-pipe... to the tune of like 40 million bucks.
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...Morrissey had to breathe the same air as Chuck Norris?..:sick:

You are simply befuddled as how to deal with the devastating truth that Chuck Norris was generous enough to share the same air with Morrissey. Had Morrissey not been allowed to stay there would have been no "comeback / relaunching of Morrissey's career."
The Australian pop band The Veronicas (they list "How Soon Is Now?" as their favourite songs on iTunes)


you just have a bone to pick with me dont you Kewpie? still trying to bring me down. am i such a bad person? have a look for yourself, from about 5:49 to 5:55. hmmmmm Kewpie, you just got home rowed! :)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBQEVkSZYxA < < < COURTNEY LOVE saying Morrissey is one of her idols

Trying to bring you down?
Why do I have to bring you down, what do I get to do so?

I only posted that someone actually met Courtney who wasn't interested in talking about Morrissey.

Chill out.:cool:

Also I remember Rufus and Martha Wainwright are fans. :)
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Sublist of those only claiming to like Moz for reasons of credibility:

Hilary Duff

Fred Durst

Tory Twat David Cameron
:mad: how the hell can that untalented sellout call herself a Moz fan??? She goes against everything he believes in!!!!! :mad:

how exactly did hilary duff sell out? was it when she left her hardcore band and started singing for the tweens?

Sublist of those only claiming to like Moz for reasons of credibility:

Hilary Duff

Fred Durst

Tory Twat David Cameron

can you tell me why i like morrissey? seeing as you possess incredible insight into the minds of people you've never met i would think it wouldn't be too much of a problem.
black francis / frank black (wanted to duet with him, I think)
robyn hitchcock (covered everyday is like sunday)
peter appel (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0032216/) (I used to meet this guy after shows on the e. coast... he's such a big fan he's probably on this forum)
^ I think Gwen is cute. I remember reading somewhere that when they did that cover of It's My Life they had also considered several other bands, including The Smiths....

Anyway, Courtney Love left a message on Morrissey's MySpace page several months ago. It just said "XOXO" (Aug. 3, page 25 if you care to look). I thought that was kinda funny. Like she was drunk MySpacing all her famous friends or something.
I think you'll find he has a head like a saveloy. :p
I don't think he really likes Morrissey. Or at least I hope he doesn't.

Of course he doesn't. He's one of those people that has heard one song, This Charming Man, and then think they are this massive Smiths fan. I bet he couldn't name one other song. Vile man!
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