Ultimate List of Celebrity Moz Fans

Courtney Cox
there's a funny story about her being so drunk on the day Moz went to film his cameo on Friends back in the mid nineties that the rest of the cast was embarrassed for her
Zach Galafianakis is a fan :thumb:
what cameo?

I remember when he was supposed to do one.. he either never actually did it or it hit the cutting room floor.. either way.. it never aired.
another celebrity itunes spotting - Thomas Lennon from the State seems to like Morrissey -

I had to include it in a word file - sorry
Did anyone mention the following yet?

- Thom Yorke / Radiohead

As you might know Radiohead covered The Headmaster Ritual and Thom Yorke once said that TIALTNGO is an amazing song. (Can't recall his exact words)

- Alex Kapranos / Franz Ferdinand

He said that he loves Morrissey and that Hatful Of Hollow made som sort of impact on his life. At least that's what I've read...
Me, well, I bound to be a celebrity at some point the way things go in the media and society today!

Love PTxx.
Does grabbing the mike at Troxy and making a slight fool of myself count as celebrity these days ha ha:thumb:
Has anyone mentioned Liv Tyler and Stella McCartney yet?
yeah but in another thread
and the sexpistols drummer
interesting that he highlights bremen..berlin was wild and hot while bremen was receptive but polite (not pushy in the front for example) but was not in the overdrive mode as morrissey gigs should be...but it was a good concert;-)

the sex pistols drummer was also there (post from main board)

Re:The Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook (Score:1)
Paul was there with his friend Mark,- me whom makes the films for his new band Manraze. I look young, but not young enough to be his son. Backstage Moz met Stella McCartney for a long chinwag and an awestruck Liv Tyler whom just smiled adoringly at the master.
I got to meet my childhood fancy and of course was slightly tougue tied as the Mozman was flanked by 2 nasty geeks. I reminded Moz of how I first paid 25p to see him perform in my SU bar at Sheffield Uni andI'm still coming now.
I think Moz didn't like it that my Westwood shirt was more English gentlemanly than his raggedy one that he was wearing backstage and consequently tounge tied him-nicethought anyhow!

I thought the sound was awful but loved the show.mark
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nice to see chloe sevigny :)
mentions out man again..you go, girl...she should interview morrissey like she did with dave gahan?im sure a fan will ask moz the more interesting questions then the journos do often (same Q):p
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Sorry this is completely of no interest but I met Russell Brand on Sunday. He and Morrissey are my two heroes. I nearly died when I realised he was there because it wasn't planned or anything.


I was wearing my Morrissey tee I bought after the Troxy gig :lbf:
Leigh, you are a lucky one! 2 heroes in 1 night!!!
You and your friend are adorable, and Russell, what a dream...
I met Russell in 2007 at the Los Angeles airport after seeing Morrissey at the Bowl, and spoke with Russell about Morrissey, such a kind, smart, lovely man, Russell AND Morrissey actually!
Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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