Ukulele Bobby "Spent The Day In Bed" cover video - Tweet from the SLC

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By Uncleskinny on Dec 29, 2017 at 5:01 PM
  1. Uncleskinny

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    1. g23
      I don't care what it's played on. The very bones of that song are toxic. Every note. I'd rather sit through Roy's Keane on bagpipes.
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    2. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      As I didn’t have high expectations, I must say I really liked it.
      Good cover with a slightly more joyful feeling to it. Or should I say cheesy?
      But I miss the emotional delivery Moz expresses.
      It’s a good song and any musician with a talent for singing can’t destroy that.

      It is very well done but the singer sings it with a little bit to much ease.
      Relying on his ability to sing pure and sticking to the melody perfectly.
      No false note there.

      But if he would sing the words from the telephone book it wouldn’t have made any difference.

      So, a bit of mixed feelings about the singing delivery.
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    3. Oh my
      Oh my
      There is often a funny or tongue-in-cheek intention behind the ukulele covers of rock songs. Maybe the "joke" is trying to be a virtuoso with an instrument that has obvious limitations for a typical rock song. A bit like painting a replica of Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights with a set of crayolas, or drawing the Mona Lisa in Microsoft's Paint.

      The video itself shows that "Ukulele Bobby" has that funny intention.

      I love this cover and the two players can't stop laughing when they begin to play.

      So I liked it... Spent the Day in Bed is obviously a very awkward choice, but the point is choosing something very awkward and doing it anyway (just like "Are friends electric?" is also an awkward choice).
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    4. countthree
      Well... I love it, no matter what.
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    5. g23
      Those two have some really entertaining covers. I don't know that they're playing together anymore though.

      EDIT: Here are some of my favorites in addition to the Numan cover you posted.

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    6. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      You are right. Forgot to mention I like the funny, ironic aspect.
    7. Timeplease!
      Very nice very nice very nice!

      Spent The Day In Bed always reminds me of Shape Of You.

      Sorry. It does. Don't lie. You've all heard it. Listen. Opening, structure, key, lyrics about bed. Eh?

      Oh yes it does!
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    8. Pablo Honey
      Pablo Honey
      Somebody wake me up and tell me it's just a bad dream.
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    9. Oh my
      Oh my
    10. Anonymous
      What is so toxic about it?
    11. g23
      It sounds like a cell phone ringtone that you'd hear on a crowded train on a damp muggy day where everything is already annoying, and then some fat nincompoop who reeks of B.O.'s phone starts going off and everybody is too crowded and squashed, so he can't reach it, and you're stuck in the oppressive steaming heat of strangers breath and bodies and all you want to do is just get home but home is another fourteen stops away and it's so fucking hot and everyone is so fucking loud and above it all, above all of the din and swamp and shit of the miserable suffocating situation, all you can hear is SPENT THE DAY IN BED LA LALA LA LA BLAH BLAH LOVE MY BED...

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    12. rifke
      fabulous! great job!
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    13. Peppermint
      I especially liked the Morrissey-esque posing and wafting around outside SLC. Also the way he disappears like a ghost at the end - a nod to earlier times, with more famous artists, outside SLC?
    14. 123xyz
      Thought this was going to be kitsch nonsense but it wasn't half-bad at all
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    15. Peppermint
      I agree. He's a really decent player. I'm less sure that the song works in this format though, to me it shows up the holes.
    16. Humasexual
      Humasexual He's not a good singer , but ukulele is good. It lacks some energy
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    17. Anonymous
      Anonymous opposed to Moz, who moves and sounds like a flat, lilting cut-rate, off-strip Vegas hack.

      “Here’s a little number I tossed-off recently at the Canterbury”.

      Two scenarios where you may be able to excuse the tepid, beige gruel that is STDIB, along with 95% of LIHS:

      1. You seek musical satiation in grocery stores and elevators.
      2. Your head is squeeezed so tight and far up Morrissey’s anus that you’ve lost all aural and cognitive function.

      ...and this will be redundant as soon as you either reach the basement, or pull your tiny cranium out and clean the shit from your ears.
    18. Humasexual
      Well i play guitar for ten years and i'm 24 so my ears are good thank you. That was just my point of view. I don't really care about poeple who cover song with an ukulele because it is so boring. This instrument is only good for making fire
    19. Anonymous
      ^That’s some VERY small-minded, uninformed nonsense, l’il fella. Particularly the fire bit. Letting that slide though... If you think the ukelele is boring, it’s because you haven’t heard anyone rip it up on one. Easily remedied if you took a second to check some artists out, rather than shooting your mouth off and making yourself look like an ignorant little punk.

      Keep practicing your licks kiddo. You’ll need ‘em. With your attitude, in no time, you’ll be a solo artist that nobody wants to work with.

      ...JUST like Morrissey. ;)

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