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    Update (Mar. 14 8:05am PT): Posted in the comments - people that have called See Tickets and venues are reporting Friday Mar. 18 as the actual onsale date.

    Update (Mar. 11 4:25pm PT) on, posted by Caitlin:

    Plymouth date

    Morrissey will play Plymouth Pavilions on Thursday 30 June in place of the previously announced concert at Cheltenham.

    Update (Mar. 10 4:05pm PT) on Cheltenham on, posted by Fulham Road Lights (original post), as predicted by Brel (original post):

    * Update: The Cheltenham date will now not take place, and once a substitute venue has been found then these shall constitute the only Morrissey concerts in the UK for this year.

    On TTY
    Dates confirmed

    8 March 2011

    Tickets go onsale on Monday 14th March for the following Morrissey concerts :

    June 15 (Weds) PERTH City Hall (Scotland) : support group FLATS.
    June 17 (Friday) INVERNESS Ironworks (Scotland) : support group FLATS.
    June 18 (Saturday) DUNOON Queens Hall (Scotland) : support group FLATS.
    June 20 (Monday) DUNFERMLINE Alhambra Theater (Scotland): support group BROTHER.
    June 21 (Tuesday) HAWICK City Hall (Scotland) : support group BROTHER.
    June 24 (Friday) GRIMSBY Auditorium (England) : support group FLATS.
    June 25 (Saturday) YORK Barbican (England) : support group MONA.
    June 27 (Monday) BRADFORD St George's Hall (England) : support group MONA.
    June 30 (Thursday) CHELTENHAM Centaur (England) : support group MONA.
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    1. lenny
      Grimsby again. like he said last time "who put the grim in grimsby"....
    2. MOZbel
      I'm still hoping for Belgium, Holland, France, Germany and off course Manchester, London, Dublin :)
      If he wants to play at festival in Belgium, I hope for Lokerse Feesten, that's probably the best one for a Moz gig.
      Or in venues like Ancienne Belgique (Brussel), Koniging Elisabethzaal (Antwerp).
      I look forward to it!!! :nicethread::pray::guitar::)
    3. Anonymous
      Come back to Manchester! :'(
    4. sistasheila
      monday prob 9am Uk time
    5. Anonymous
      On which sites, any clue ?
    6. sistasheila
    7. Anonymous
      Let's hope it's the old system of announcing tour dates, one set at a time.....
    8. gordyboy
      this is going to be costly,need to get hector and his gang to rob a few banks to pay for everything.i think the tickets will be a lot dearerthan the usual £32.50.everything is more expensive in britain now.especially fuel.the tour bus and equipment truck dont run on water.
    9. Anonymous
      do you think he will add more dates?
    10. Anonymous
      On the contrary, I think it more likely that he'll deduct some.
    11. GlasgowChivas

      So cynical.
    12. Anonymous
      Germany would be nice, too
    13. Anonymous
      i'm stuck between York and Grimbsy, can anyone tell me which ones less of a shithole? haha
    14. GlasgowChivas
      York is beautiful. Never been to Grimsby but it's hard to imagine it being better than York.
    15. Anonymous
      Im desperate to go to the bradford gig to see morrissey does anyone know who is selling the tickets? So scared that i might not get one!
    16. Media Whore
      Media Whore
      To those people terrified on missing out on a ticket; don't be. Even if you miss out on a ticket due to the tout fight that will be the ticketbastard phone lines, there are other ways to get a one. I still managed to get a ticket one day before the birthday show in 2009.
    17. Anonymous
      other ways as in reputable websites?
      there should be a system in place to try and get in the way of touts...
      the real fans undoubtedly always miss out somewhere along the line
    18. MattSpeight
      Anyone know where the tickets are gonna be on sale from? Site wise? No sites have the shows listed yet.

    19. Anonymous
      When's the last time he actually bothered to turn up for all of the shows on a tour and didn't feign illness or have a tantrum and go home early to mother?
    20. Media Whore
      Media Whore
      Although not for everyone I have bought off eBay. But specifically and purposefully not from touts but genuine fans who are left with spares. (My tip is to look at their previous sales. If there is another ticket in sight -stay away)

      I've gotten tickets from here.

      There are also times when more tickets are released at a later time from the venue.

      If all this fails you can try to get a ticket direct from the venue on the day just before the show. There may be some spares. There may some where people haven't shown up to collect them. I bought a ticket on the day from the venue for a Camden show in 2001 (even though that had "Sold Out" the day tickets went on sale).

      I should add, I have also never paid over face value when buying tickets from others. You'll be fine. Bradford might sell out but there have been venues in the past that don't sell out immediately at 9.01am.
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