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    Update (Mar. 14 8:05am PT): Posted in the comments - people that have called See Tickets and venues are reporting Friday Mar. 18 as the actual onsale date.

    Update (Mar. 11 4:25pm PT) on, posted by Caitlin:

    Plymouth date

    Morrissey will play Plymouth Pavilions on Thursday 30 June in place of the previously announced concert at Cheltenham.

    Update (Mar. 10 4:05pm PT) on Cheltenham on, posted by Fulham Road Lights (original post), as predicted by Brel (original post):

    * Update: The Cheltenham date will now not take place, and once a substitute venue has been found then these shall constitute the only Morrissey concerts in the UK for this year.

    On TTY
    Dates confirmed

    8 March 2011

    Tickets go onsale on Monday 14th March for the following Morrissey concerts :

    June 15 (Weds) PERTH City Hall (Scotland) : support group FLATS.
    June 17 (Friday) INVERNESS Ironworks (Scotland) : support group FLATS.
    June 18 (Saturday) DUNOON Queens Hall (Scotland) : support group FLATS.
    June 20 (Monday) DUNFERMLINE Alhambra Theater (Scotland): support group BROTHER.
    June 21 (Tuesday) HAWICK City Hall (Scotland) : support group BROTHER.
    June 24 (Friday) GRIMSBY Auditorium (England) : support group FLATS.
    June 25 (Saturday) YORK Barbican (England) : support group MONA.
    June 27 (Monday) BRADFORD St George's Hall (England) : support group MONA.
    June 30 (Thursday) CHELTENHAM Centaur (England) : support group MONA.
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    1. Anonymous
      Im desperate to watch him at the bradford venue but the tickets dont come on sale until the 14th this mont does anyone know how i can deffinatly get the tickets or what time they normally some out? need help stressing out here!!!
    2. Anonymous
      Strange little tour eh?

      I'm 'guessing' he'll be trying a few new things out...songs, people and now to avoid disappointment...
    3. Leonie
      Ha! I'm hardcore. I'll brace myself. aha!
      I've seen he throws his shirt into the audience must of the time - where do you reckon the best place is to catch it? Still front row - middle? 3rd row to the right?
      IM DETERMINED! aha!
    4. Anonymous
      I thought liverpool battering man u was the highlight of the season then i read morrisseys appearing on these sad shores how awful it must be for him and his californian swiss bank account

      thanks mate for playing grimsby
      must be dreadful for you


      at least youll get some decent fish and chips

    5. Anonymous
      Thank you Morrissey. I was getting worried thinking that you weren't going to tour again! See you in Cheltenham hopefully. DJ
    6. Anonymous
      liverpool beat the fuck out of united, sir alex wouldnt even face the press

      They were dessimated by Liverpool

      When will morrissey face an echo arena audience who chucks a bottle at him

      fuck off you wuss
    7. Anonymous
      Just as i expected, this tour hasn't been announced for 24 hours and already people are complaining.
    8. valhalla road crematorium
    9. Anonymous
      hour beerbohm

      Alan price is one of the most gifted musicians evermore
      simon smith was written by randy newman
      but so glad he played it

      love you morrissey

      Don't know much, as a Dutch lad about the town/ cities and veneus

      I'd had expected more known veneus, and cities

      London/Birmingham/Glasgow/Mnchester/ Liverpool/*Blackpool and or Portsmouth*/Newcastle/Leeds etc.
      [*for the ferry europeans,well,the now mentioned will not hold a lot to go]

      hope he will add some new tumes, nad ofcourse a very best of and some old new ones [hopefully]

      enjoy the gigs[/QUOTE]
    10. Anonymous
    11. Anonymous
      ha ha ha, that joke isnt funny! well not anymore.
      Yikes! Ill have to give that flippin bully boy art nouveau potty a wide one.
      Bastard aint stoving my head in again, not without a fight. Its giving me the evil eye right now.
      but more to the point, will these new to me hot flushes make it impossibly uncomfortable ?
      Oh gawd. Girls dont get old its really really crap.
    12. Anonymous
      This tour couldn't be more historically and quite clearly pointless.Failed. However the mans stupididty and ego will ensure that ,the circus which is Morrissey, rolls on.
    13. No. 27
      No. 27
      Yes, there was a time when I'd have been glad to hear him perform Smiths songs, again, but that was a long time ago. I don't really care where the main source of his revenue comes from. I'm not denying that he's likely to make more from touring than from his forthcoming rehash (of songs nobody wants to buy again). As I said before, it's probably not just a coincidence that his new record company are turning out a load of toss on his behalf and he's doing a series of concerts at the same time. He toured in 1999 and 2002 to try to maintain some level of public profile in the absence of a record deal. I'd just like him to write some new songs that aren't crap and I'd like him to stop re-releasing old products in new wrappers and I'd like him to stop trying to pass off songs that he knew were sub-par when he wrote them as stuff worth paying for now. He used to pride himself on being the kind of person that didn't do that sort of thing. I thought he was ok back then.
    14. IrishBlood.IScottishHeart
      Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. :guitar::guitar:

      Cannie wait.

      2011 the Summer of Moz in Bonnie Scotland.

      Dunoon will be something special. I'm ashamed to admit i've never been and its only a few hours away.
    15. Anonymous
      I guess they prefer the real Moz night woth the actual Moz as opposed to the Moz night without him :)
    16. Anonymous
      If Jesse is still in the band, then what's the point?
    17. Anonymous
      I don't see how that matters, but for the record we have plenty per month.
    18. herge65
      That's the way to do it :thumb:
    19. sam13
      Morrissey -- please, please, please add a Brighton date. It is my destiny to see you in this seaside town.
    20. sistasheila
      becausets a particular beautiful place?
      i have been to scotland:edinburgh and did the usual tourist stuff like loch lomond and loch ness,
      and found the beauty of scotland in general absolutely breathtaking.
      so ...what about dunoon?

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