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Update (Mar. 14 8:05am PT): Posted in the comments - people that have called See Tickets and venues are reporting Friday Mar. 18 as the actual onsale date.

Update (Mar. 11 4:25pm PT) on, posted by Caitlin:

Plymouth date

Morrissey will play Plymouth Pavilions on Thursday 30 June in place of the previously announced concert at Cheltenham.

Update (Mar. 10 4:05pm PT) on Cheltenham on, posted by Fulham Road Lights (original post), as predicted by Brel (original post):

* Update: The Cheltenham date will now not take place, and once a substitute venue has been found then these shall constitute the only Morrissey concerts in the UK for this year.

Dates confirmed

8 March 2011

Tickets go onsale on Monday 14th March for the following Morrissey concerts :

June 15 (Weds) PERTH City Hall (Scotland) : support group FLATS.
June 17 (Friday) INVERNESS Ironworks (Scotland) : support group FLATS.
June 18 (Saturday) DUNOON Queens Hall (Scotland) : support group FLATS.
June 20 (Monday) DUNFERMLINE Alhambra Theater (Scotland): support group BROTHER.
June 21 (Tuesday) HAWICK City Hall (Scotland) : support group BROTHER.
June 24 (Friday) GRIMSBY Auditorium (England) : support group FLATS.
June 25 (Saturday) YORK Barbican (England) : support group MONA.
June 27 (Monday) BRADFORD St George's Hall (England) : support group MONA.
June 30 (Thursday) CHELTENHAM Centaur (England) : support group MONA.
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people shouldnt panic,the refusal tour started in stirling,dundee,2 nights in glasgow.i think logistically it makes sense to start at the top of britain and work your way down.if only the highland games was on the same day,always a laugh watching big guys who im sure are pissed throwing telephone poles around a feild.
This won't be all the dates, surely. I can see Moz announcing a southern jaunt which will succeed the northern dates and coincide with the Hop Farm and the much speculated Hyde Park gig on the 7th July. If the tour is driven by a need to promote the new best of, the label would surely be keen on him to perform to as many people as possible, and with the way it stands at the moment, the huge demographic of southern fans that can't afford travel is neglected.

is the Hyde park gig his own or part of a festival?????
Would love to see another Belfast show being announced too but I can't see it to be honest, even though the Waterfront Hall show was a sellout last time. Fingers crossed though!
Nice to see some new dates, but to be honest after the last two tours, with both the cancellations and the couldn't be arsed performances, I'll hope for some London or South East shows to minimise risk and disappointment...four times bitten and all that...

Support bands....... For those of you unlucky enough to have FLATS as support act, I think you would be better off spending an extra half hour in the bar. This band are dreadful, really dreadful!!! Mona on the other hand will be worth checking out. (I'm not a member of Mona!!)
I've not seen anything advertised on the websites where he's playing, I'm really skeptical about how true it actually is. I hope i'm wrong because I want to see Morrissey more than anything!

he did it before, also Scotland, perth I definately remember.
Indeed again hard to get tickets if yer not quick with I'net booking, and scum
that buy 6 tickets and sell them on Ebay or here for double.
Mhh...,little towns, so maybe this is his way to get in shape for the festivals and bigger
veneus later this year though I hope Morrissey is scheduling in the fall/end this year, early 2012 a studio to record new songs, maybe the gigs will give us a clue with unknown new tunes like 2002 and before YOR, his arse Album and Smiths album
in between ROTT and YOR, he did a greatest hits tour before touring YOR

[now I'm lost myself:(
I've only been to one gig and that was the infamous 'bottling at Liverpool' fingers crossed theres only real Moz fans at York!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!
With the first batch of tour dates announced and the assumption that there will be more to come, how about opening a poll as to when the first cancellations will come?

Before the end of the Scottish dates?
Between Grimsby and Cheltenham?
Between Cheltenham and Hop Farm?
NONE - he'll be in perfect health throughout!

Come on Cocteau Twins...I want you to reunite and gig too! :(

I hope he performs Oh Phoney and The Girl Least Likely To. I hope someone records these shows as I doubt I can attend...back to Liverpool please Moz :(
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Well this is honestly a decline in venue quality, with all respect meant to the residents of those places

There's nothing at all wrong with the York venue....have you ever been?
Oh my goodness. Mozza in York!?!? Just had a bit of a swoon! I thought the nearest venue would be Leeds on Manchester. Even still the Barbican isn't one of York's biggest venues. What's going on!?!

Actually to correct you, when York Barbican re-opens it will be (apart from York Racecouse) York's biggest venue.

York Duchess is about 500, and Fibbers is about 350 capacity
Glastonbury a possibility? There is a break between Bradford and Cheltenham..

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