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    Update (Mar. 14 8:05am PT): Posted in the comments - people that have called See Tickets and venues are reporting Friday Mar. 18 as the actual onsale date.

    Update (Mar. 11 4:25pm PT) on, posted by Caitlin:

    Plymouth date

    Morrissey will play Plymouth Pavilions on Thursday 30 June in place of the previously announced concert at Cheltenham.

    Update (Mar. 10 4:05pm PT) on Cheltenham on, posted by Fulham Road Lights (original post), as predicted by Brel (original post):

    * Update: The Cheltenham date will now not take place, and once a substitute venue has been found then these shall constitute the only Morrissey concerts in the UK for this year.

    On TTY
    Dates confirmed

    8 March 2011

    Tickets go onsale on Monday 14th March for the following Morrissey concerts :

    June 15 (Weds) PERTH City Hall (Scotland) : support group FLATS.
    June 17 (Friday) INVERNESS Ironworks (Scotland) : support group FLATS.
    June 18 (Saturday) DUNOON Queens Hall (Scotland) : support group FLATS.
    June 20 (Monday) DUNFERMLINE Alhambra Theater (Scotland): support group BROTHER.
    June 21 (Tuesday) HAWICK City Hall (Scotland) : support group BROTHER.
    June 24 (Friday) GRIMSBY Auditorium (England) : support group FLATS.
    June 25 (Saturday) YORK Barbican (England) : support group MONA.
    June 27 (Monday) BRADFORD St George's Hall (England) : support group MONA.
    June 30 (Thursday) CHELTENHAM Centaur (England) : support group MONA.
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    1. Phranc & Open
      Phranc & Open
      Expect a second single from the "very best of" compilation to be revealed at the start of the tour. "Break up the family" 7", 12", CD-S with 3 (!) "unreleased" outtakes: Striptease, Oh Phoney (alt. version) & Sunny (Monitor Mix). :)

      Ain't that enough?

      By the way: I'm dying to see him perform "Lifeguard on duty" live on stage. Don't save me from it.
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    2. celibate
      great Morrissey doing more dates

      Don't know much, as a Dutch lad about the town/ cities and veneus

      I'd had expected more known veneus, and cities

      London/Birmingham/Glasgow/Mnchester/ Liverpool/*Blackpool and or Portsmouth*/Newcastle/Leeds etc.
      [*for the ferry europeans,well,the now mentioned will not hold a lot to go]

      hope he will add some new tumes, nad ofcourse a very best of and some old new ones [hopefully]

      enjoy the gigs
    3. Mozzersmandan
      this is great news :)
      i am by no way disappointed with the dates and will be making a few,

      but i always envisaged him to play manchester leeds london sheffield etc
      is it likely these dates will be announced soon?

      or has moz just decided a change of style?

      excellent none the less, heres hoping for more dates sooooon
      (man i sound greedy, sorry) VIVA MOZ
    4. gordyboy
      dunoon is a great little town,amazing scenery.anybody wondering how to get there,train from glasgow central to gourock,walk round to the pier ferry to dunoon.ten minutes on the boat.job done
    5. scottishblood
      Do you think Moz will go posh on the CalMac ferry or slum it on the Western ferry?:lbf: I live in Greenock and this is just perfect :thumb:
    6. GlasgowChivas
      Unless he is staying in Dunoon and gets there early there's every chance that he'll end up on the same crossing as some fans!
    7. Anonymous
      I've not seen anything advertised on the websites where he's playing, I'm really skeptical about how true it actually is. I hope i'm wrong because I want to see Morrissey more than anything!
    8. Anonymous Alan
      Anonymous Alan
      Hmmmm, strange list. Does anybody suspect more dates/venues to crop up? Say, Sheffield way? If so that'd save me a train trip to York or Bradford. Suppose I can't complain, what with others coming in from abroad...
    9. Anonymous
      Any booking telephone number or website? I can't see it anywhere online.
    10. Anonymous
      So glad to see he's touring again! I hope he comes to the US soon. :D
    11. Brel
      Cheltenham Racecourse? Under starters orders....CANCEL!
    12. herge65
      He tends to release dates in stages...I wouldn't rule out Sheffield or Leeds. Bradford St Georges Hall is a great venue tho...Probably there and York for me :D
    13. herge65
      This is great news. Even if it's on the back of a compilation release we shouldn't rule out the airing of some new material. Just great to have some Moz gigs to look forward to...and with a possible Waits tour in the offing...this could be an expensive year :D
    14. Mozzersmandan
      i hope this is no different and further dates are added, also bradford is closest to me so going to that. st Georges hall is fantastic, very intimate venue :rolleyes:
    15. Anonymous
      these gigs aren't remotely strange, he ALWAYS plays places off the beaten track.

      Anyone surprised simply hasn't been watching
    16. Anonymous
      Or no clue of the touring industry. It is quite common for bands to play small venues to warm up to festival gigs. Others play small venues after stadium gigs, where the general herd was pleased to then give the odd treat to the more alert fan. It seems quite strange to expect him to stand on a large festival stage without having practised for the two years.
    17. Anonymous
      manchester date please
    18. Anonymous
      This won't be all the dates, surely. I can see Moz announcing a southern jaunt which will succeed the northern dates and coincide with the Hop Farm and the much speculated Hyde Park gig on the 7th July. If the tour is driven by a need to promote the new best of, the label would surely be keen on him to perform to as many people as possible, and with the way it stands at the moment, the huge demographic of southern fans that can't afford travel is neglected.
    19. No. 27
      No. 27
      So, for the continuation of his career in 2011, he's relies on songs that he wrote more than twenty years ago - songs that he didn't think fit for public consumption at the time. The words, "barrel," and "scraping," come to mind.

      No. 27
    20. Ash
      Oh my goodness. Mozza in York!?!? Just had a bit of a swoon! I thought the nearest venue would be Leeds on Manchester. Even still the Barbican isn't one of York's biggest venues. What's going on!?!

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