Morrissey Central "U.S. SELL OUTS" (September 24, 2022)

San Francisco has sold out, as have shows at Los Angeles, El Cajon, Oakland - (apart from the few unsellable Platinum tickets.)
Morrissey and the band are delighted at the response to the U.S. tour.


Platinum tickets haven't been sold to anyone, and are not tout 'resales' - they are brand new unsold tickets that Ticketmaster have deliberately inflated the price on. Welcome to the world of 'dynamic pricing'.
A reminder to all of those folks attending the Doncaster show on 30th.. If you are staying over for the night, then be aware that there is a train strike on October 1st.
great news for Morrissey and all the peeps who are going. I am in Spain over Christmas so I am going to Brooklyn & Newark which should see me through to the next world.
It’s not sold out if a 3rd party buys them and tries to resale them at a mark up.
Morrissey gets paid for those tickets being sold by Ticketmaster to the reseller.

If Elon Musk buys all the tickets to a concert and doesn't show up it's still a sell out.. there just won't be anyone buying t-shirts or meatless food.
It’s not sold out if a 3rd party buys them and tries to resale them at a mark up.
When people say an event isn't sold out, this implies that there wasn't enough interest for all the tickets to sell.

In this case, there was. The venue has sold all the tickets. The tickets are sold out.

Each ticket holder can either use their ticket to attend, or sell it on.

Also, ticket touts don't generally target events where there's expected to be a lack of interest, as this will reduce the likelihood of them being able to sell them on for profit.

The fact that touts continue to target Morrissey gigs is testament to the fact that he's still a draw, much to the haters' dismay.

Viva Moz. Because We Must.
Sorry. Sometimes Moz Solo lets me add a photo which looks fine in preview, then i post it and it breaks. Was a photo of Moz lying on train tracks looking at his watch (You Have Killed Me cd2 cover).

Can remember buying these. Two I think.
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