Morrissey Central "U.S. SELL OUTS" (September 24, 2022)

San Francisco has sold out, as have shows at Los Angeles, El Cajon, Oakland - (apart from the few unsellable Platinum tickets.)
Morrissey and the band are delighted at the response to the U.S. tour.


Boston is almost sold out, 5,000 seats. The tix on sale are mostly resale, very few original tix left. I would think resale does not count as not being sold tho, because it is, it's just someone trying to resell it.
Anyone wanting to go to the DC show, it is GA and about 136 for 2 tix as of a few mins ago
What am I missing? What is the connection with Fred Sanford?
for someone who is washed up and cancelled, M is doing rather well these days,long may it continue.
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