tyson furys message of support 2 sinead oconner


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Please take care sinead, you beautifull soul, you ARE NOT alone even if you feel you are at this moment in time !! :)

There are 100s of thousands wishing you well ! :)

IKEA is murder

Skinhead O'Connor never could handle real life and the time after her success. She is bloated from candida and will die soon.

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Forget my fate.
The video she recorded last week is simply heartbreaking.
Very sad to see someone in such state of despair.
Mental illness and extreme loneliness do not discriminate against anyone, today it is Sinead, tomorrow it could be me, it could be you.


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Reckon LA life, Malibu Beach, sun, veggie tacos at The Sunset Marquis, and personal training sessions didn't agree with her. I know Uncle Steve tried a little.


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I didn't know him 'til this video.
His message is powerful and beatiful. I'm very glad for seeing people available to help and support Sinead in this terrible moment.

Thank you very much Tyson for your lovely heart.


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Maybe the experiences from living in America is a clue itself. Americans seem to need a lot of drugs in various shapes and sizes to cope in life. It seems everyone famous over there dies from drug use.

If you feel hollow and lost I believe America is the last place you should choose. Someone put her on all the vitamins and minerals she is lacking cause I bet she lacks a lot of things.

The irish used to be cool people loved by most but nowadays they come across as a bit cheap.


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I cant comment on sinead any further here, dispite her posting a u-tube video for the whole world 2 see and comment on ect

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