Twitter: Kevin Cummins posts 4 unpublished pictures

More Alain:

These (and 1 Smiths picture) will be available to purchase from Friday via Kevin Cummins:

See his instagram for the varied portfolio of musicians he's offering.

(not a cheap investment!)
Sorry if stupid, but why are these worth £350? I get he took the picture but can't he just print off as many as he wants and flog em?
Manchester Evening News:
The untold stories behind iconic Manchester band photographs.

From Stone Roses to Happy Mondays: get behind the lens with Kevin Cummins.


"That’s May 91 in Cologne. I’ve gone to Cologne to show him some pictures we’d taken in Dublin a few weeks earlier, in the days before email, so I’d had to go to there for the day, and obviously took my pictures. I kind of like Morrissey’s sense of the absurd in a way, the way he’s plays up to his public persona. He would wear a t-shirt with himself on, rather than someone else’s…"

"...he just wore it, he turned up in it. I would never ever dream to tell Morrissey to wear something else, if that’s what he wants to wear than that’s up to him."

The MEN give KC a platform to help advertise his print collection.


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