Twitter is dead

@ Morrissey When you feel like improvising, please sing:

‘Twitter is Mine
And it owes me a living’

Elon Musk pays for Stephen King and LeBron James to keep Twitter blue ticks​

I doubt Musk pays for their blue ticks. A setting is simply enabled at Twitter’s end. Also, Musk is just trying to silence his critics by allowing them to keep the blue tick.

J K Rowling isn’t paying the Twitter tax either:

Days after requiring users to log in to view tweets, Twitter has silently removed these restrictions. This means you can open Twitter links in a browser without an account.

Things are slowly changing. When I am not logged in, I can see profiles, but still posts are not visible.
Time will tell ...
Twitter or Threads?

Both are run by c***s.

Elon is desperate as f*** to make a profit on his $44 Billion f***-up.

Zuckerberg is always desperate. He backed that twat Palmer Luckey. Then dropped him. Facebook itself was a rip-off:

Elon I feel is worse than Zuckerberg. By 0.001%. They both want your money and data. Data you’re not even aware they take. Or use!

So Twitter or Threads?

I’d say Mastodon, but those two c***s have money. Mastodon doesn’t stand a chance. And even if it did kill Twitter and Threads, Rochko would probably become the next twat.

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