Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Lullaby Versions of The Smiths & Morrissey (MP3)

Famous when dead


1. This Charming Man
2. What Difference Does It Make?
3. Ask
4. How Soon Is Now?
5. Bigmouth Strikes Again
6. Girlfriend In a Coma
7. Everyday Is Like Sunday
8. Panic
9. Shoplifters Of The World Unite
10. Suedehead
11. There Is A Light Than Never Goes Out
12. Please, Please, Please Let Met Get What I Want

The other take on lullaby tracks.
Includes 2 Moz songs.
These are very, very 'chill' versions.
Only 128 kbps, but it's very lo-fi and doesn't really warrant the FLAC treatment.
Here to enjoy nonetheless:



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lol. Thx for directing me to these.
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