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Van Williams (1934-2016) -
6 December 2016


art: Sam Esty Rayner.
This is so shite it is not worthy of a BtBB :greatbritain::knife: response !
No more please !
Good for nothing 'Gary' !

Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:

There seems to be a contradiction here Benny!
Or this is not the real " thing "?
Just wondering if someone isn't very ambitiously copying your style! :squiffy:
You're a bigger f***tard than I thought. Killing animals for fun ain't the same thing as eating meat in the 1800s. Moron.


wasn't comparing or saying there was no difference between 'Killing animals for fun' and 'eating meat in the 1800s'.

sorry you misread my post. And I'm sorry you didn't get the point I was making in my reply(post #10) to post # 3.
Lil' Sammy must have been working for months on his tribute photoshop picture of David Bowie reading 'List of the Lost'. It'll be a doozie when it finally arrives!
£10 says when Kirk Douglas passes we get one of him in his Spartacus thong, with 'Your Arsenal' photoshopped onto his butt-cheeks.
Kirk Douglas will be 100 this Friday the 9th. Pretty amazing, could be genes could be diet could be both.
as a lee fan for forty years I thought I had seen every photo of bruce but the ones on the beach are new to me,fantastic.
From Wikipedia "His favorite pastime was hunting geese, duck, elk, and other big game."

Yes, that is all true.

But apparently Moz found him attractive so all is forgiven?

I remember a time when Morrissey was the greatest interviewer ever. He was like Krusty the Clown when Krusty started doing stand-up comedy before he sold out.

Morrissey called out every interviewer brilliantly when The Smiths were together and for a few short years after.
I don't know for sure Rifke, but it might be a result of a great number of immigrants coming from The Netherlands during the early fifties of the previous century.
I know, in that time, more than 100.000 immigrants left their country, going to mainly, the United States, Canada and Australia.
Many people here have as part of their last name the suffix van, or like in Belgium, Van.
In stead of using the first name people got used to be called Van and so it developed as a first name.
Don't know anything about Dutch roots of Van Williams.
that's how i read it, as though it's part of their last name, and it's like im still waiting for their first name, or wondering if they've just decided to use their last name. before i knew who morrissey was i used to get him and van morrison mixed up for this reason.

on a related note you dutch people have funny names. i know one old lady named hillegonda. what's with that? she reminds me of big bird which i guess is what you get when you name your kid hillegonda. gerrit is pretty normal though, i guess. i like it anyway.
These montages by a certain Moises Soriano Valiente have been around Instagram for a few months.


Well, I have to say, they are quite good! :thumb:
Was he inspired by Sam or Sam by him?
Who was first?
Like the Pasolini photo.
Can't I make it as my avatar or do I have to create an account on Instagram? In that case no. :o
not as bad as german names though, like waldtraut. what the f***s a waldtraut?

Well, wald is forest.
Traut, I don't know.
Sounds like some kind of she-devil from the forest. :p
Hillegonda I reckon is a very old name.
From 15th or 16th century.
Gerrit is not uncommon here.
But a bit old-fashioned too.
I wasn't allways comfortable with it.
I was named after my father as his first born son.
I know it's not your real name but I quite like Rifke.
Names are important in human psychology.
There is a certain emotional value to words and surely to names.
It's many times unconscious and hard to explain why we like names or dislike them.

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