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    Universal Music, the approach made to David Joseph, since denied by David Joseph -
    25 November 2015

    On 18 Nov 2015, at 15:29, Boz Boorer -------------------- wrote:

    Dear David,

    My name is Boz Boorer and I represent all of the musicians who played

    We are shocked that you have made no move this week to promote the
    above song (download/special 7-inch/special CD) to support the people
    of Paris. Any other artist would be number 1 with this song RIGHT NOW.

    Why are you doing nothing? There is no other song in modern music that
    aptly supports the people of Paris.

    Most sincerely yours




    From: John Reid --------------------
    Date: November 19, 2015 at 6:39:51 PM GMT-2
    To: Boz Boorer --------------------
    Subject: Re: Paris

    Dear Boz

    Thank you for copying your email to me.

    I think we all know that this would be an appropriate and compelling gesture.

    I spoke with David Joseph today. His position is that owing to Universal having a very close connection to the events, much as they see your point, they are not intending to release any records in response to the tragic events of last Friday. They feel it is too raw for them given the death of one of their staff members and instead they are going to show support and solidarity in other ways, including concerts in Paris later this year by some of their artists.

    However, I believe that Universal would licence the song back for eg a release for proceeds to relevant charities (which I assume would be the plan). In short there may be a possibility here but it would have to be a release via a third party. Personally I think there could be a very forceful statement to be made. It will of course require M's input. Have you discussed this with him - I assume so.

    If you want me to pursue this, please let me know. Time inevitably is of the essence.

    Yours sincerely


    John Reid
    Russells Solicitors

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    1. Young And Alive
      Young And Alive
      Morrissey appears more interested in getting a song of his re-released than anything else. I find it sad that he's trying to disguise this as an attempt at paying tribute to the victims of terrorism.

      He made a suggestion, as he was entitled to do. Universal turned it down, as they were entitled to do.

      Why is he getting so butthurt over this? If his only concern is with a tribute to the victims - and not with his own career - then why can't he accept Universal's decision and move on?

      A new low indeed. And as always, Morrissey has to be right, and the rest of the world has to be wrong.

      He throws hissy fits like this - a 56-year-old man - and then wonders why no record label will touch him.
    2. Detritus
      He doesn't even seem all that interested in re-releasing it. Morrissey's solicitor makes it pretty clear that while a physical re-release through Universal is off the table, there is a possiblity they'd be willing to license the song back to him for re-release so that he could use it as intended, with proceeds going to charity. Is this really turning Morrissey down? An opportunity to move forward was made available, so no, I wouldn't consider this a denial, a block, or anything of the sort. The letter from Reid concludes: "If you want me to pursue this, let me know." The only thing that seems to be stopping this tribute from going forward is Morrissey himself.
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    3. Anonymous
      This thread has the feel of a book of condolence.
    4. Ben Budd
      Ben Budd
      If I recall correectly, I believe Marr was a proponent of Morrissey's Brighton bomb comments in 1984. I don't have any quotes to back that up, but it's in possibly in the Severed Alliance, or one of the go to books regarding the Smiths.

      Probably mellowed a bit now, mind you.
    5. Ambra
      I love Morrissey, but i'd have to agree with you. This time he seems to care only about his career. Boz wrote: "Any other artist would be number 1 with this song RIGHT NOW" a very inappropriate statement in such a delicate moment for the people of Paris.
    6. Carly
      I can't believe Morrissey posted this, i mean can he really not see that this does not put him in the good light of this? Not to mention embarrassing Boz. And pretending it was Boz's views and not his.

      All this does is simply explain why they said no, and it was not a spiteful no.
    7. Anonymous
      It's all more proof that TTY is used on a proxy basis just to get messages out on SOLO, let's face it on its own the site is absolutely useless. Steven and the Lawnmowers definitely come here to see what the word is.
      Hi Martin ! Well well well ! This should be an interesting chapter in the book but will there be any interest in Silly Steven when the real people on the street/Joe Public find out what shenanigans you lot have been up to on the back of one hundred and thirty people being killed in a terrorist attack ? I very much doubt it ! There's a very pungent stench coming across in all this Martin I hope you know what your doing and the years of saying "yes boss" have been worth it.

    8. Anonymous
      When you wish for someone's death you lose a lot of credibility in regards to your own moral compass. Yes, we all know Morrissey made a similar statement, but you're telling us, at length, what a horrible person he is. Come on. I generally enjoy your posts and I respect your intellect, but you're so high off of Morrissey's ongoing trainwreck that you're spewing your own shit.

      I've noticed in my experience and I've heard others say it as well, that we often are most offended by others when we recognize some of our own worst traits in them. I think that this comes from a resentment that we ourselves can repress these tendencies so we're angry that others can't or don't. I know this is true for myself. Either way, this post is ugly and you're starting to make yourself look bad, even to your fans, myself included.
    9. Sal Kramer
      Sal Kramer
      Wow, Moz was full of shit on this one. What a surprise...:crazy:
    10. BrummieBoy
      More likely that he came to his senses in the 80s and realised that supporting Morrissey's Brighton pub bombing comments was sullying his soul, thus requiring him to disband The Smiths. The fact that the pathetic troll Morrissey thought he could carry on as The Smiths shows how utterly spurious was was his professed devotion to Marr as a partner. It was all there from the very start. How vindicated Mike Joyce must now feel but he'll keep his peace until Johnny's Autobiography renders a Smith's Reunion on or off. That's all it's about now: money. Probably all it was ever about for Morrissey.

    11. Uncleskinny
      This. x 1,000. I've said it time after time. It's all business. You can bet your bottom dollar those Smiths reunion talks have just got a little more imminent.
    12. Anonymous
      About Boz... I'm pretty sure he never expected this to be made public, for what that's worth. Debatable, I realize.
      We seem to agree that he didn't come up with this himself, and it's possible that he had very little to do with it. But let's take it totally at face value. I still am not ready to throw him in the scrap heap. He has invested much of his life in "Morrissey" the band, and he has a family to take care of, along with whatever overhead is involved with his studio, and anything else he may have going. He might be planning a life post-Morrissey. It's had to have become clear to him that the golden days are gone. He probably has shared ownership of some real properties, along with publishing.

      Short version: He's in deep with a person who is notorious for not paying various employees and associates over the years. It's easy for any of us to take the moral high ground here. We have nothing at stake. But if Boz ever says no to Morrissey about something when do you think his next check will come? He might pay a big price for it, and again, he has a family. Writing this seems a little disrespectful to Boz, and I don't mean it that way. This is total speculation. He might not be over a barrel at all. He may have be doing this all out of, possibly misguided, loyalty. His relationship with Morrissey is unique and he might be the kind of person that will do anything for a friend. That's a more charitable way to look at it, and might be the truth.

      Whatever the case, I don't think we need to take cheap shots at Boz. He has always seemed like a loyal man and I think he's done some great work, more than he has been recognized for, because of course Morrissey the band is nearly the same thing as Morrissey the singer to most people.
    13. ninetimesfined
      The response from the Universal representative is fair. Its tone is pretty levelled and good. It's a nice email.
      The one that was originally sent from the Moz party (I'm not implicating Boz here) is rude and obnoxious. I'm not trolling here, I'm just offering my opinion.

      'Why are you doing nothing about this?' Probably because the track peaked at number 21 in the charts when it released in 2009. It's not the go-to track for a reaction to a tragic event.

      The tone of the email might well deliberately be trying to sound urgent and persuasive but it ends up coming off like the cantankerous rant.
    14. Anonymous
      Morrissey may get himself into a place where that is his only option, but I'm not so sure that Marr is waiting by the phone now. With his live record with The Smiths tracks, it made even me think that a reunion would be good to see, and I've always been opposed. But now? If they did it and Morrissey took the opportunity to use the inevitable attention he would receive to continue with the embarrassing things he's been doing lately it might actually harm their legacy.
    15. Anonymous
      I really don't think so. It may be that a large part of Moz's brain is dedicated to money, but there's a lot of ego in the mix. I think it'll be a long, long while before he accepts the humiliation (for him) of admitting that he has any use for the Smiths or Johnny.
    16. BrummieBoy
      RIP: Morrissey's credibility.

    17. swiss
      I was thinking it must be a piss take, but when 130 people have been killed then surely not even he would be that stupid. It's ludicrous isn't it. His legacy is being completed tainted by this idiotic behaviour in the last few years.
    18. Anonymous
      Remember Band Aid 'Do They Know It's Christmas'?

      Get the singers back together (dems that's still living) to put out a Christmas single updated version called 'I'm Throwing My Toys Out of the Pram About Paris'?

      Comes with a complimentary copy of List of the Lost. While stocks last.

      All proceeds go to Stella McCartney to create a new line of boutique leatherless sandals for the rich.

      Bono, come on down!

      Guaranteed number 1 with a bullet!
    19. Anonymous
      I told you he was a nasty piece of work. Good riddance Lord CrankFruad ! See you in the next world NOT.

    20. Carly
      It is the only explanation, then again with his track record he is always pulling stunts like this. He really is either completely out of touch, or he just doesn't care and makes as much fuss as he can for as much publicity as he can get, but that still wouldn't make sense because it just makes him look like he has gotten deluded in his old age. So i believe he may have just completely lost it..
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