TTY: Universal Music, the approach made to David Joseph, since denied by David Joseph

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By hand in glove on Nov 26, 2015 at 7:43 AM
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    Apr 26, 2000
    Universal Music, the approach made to David Joseph, since denied by David Joseph -
    25 November 2015

    On 18 Nov 2015, at 15:29, Boz Boorer -------------------- wrote:

    Dear David,

    My name is Boz Boorer and I represent all of the musicians who played

    We are shocked that you have made no move this week to promote the
    above song (download/special 7-inch/special CD) to support the people
    of Paris. Any other artist would be number 1 with this song RIGHT NOW.

    Why are you doing nothing? There is no other song in modern music that
    aptly supports the people of Paris.

    Most sincerely yours




    From: John Reid --------------------
    Date: November 19, 2015 at 6:39:51 PM GMT-2
    To: Boz Boorer --------------------
    Subject: Re: Paris

    Dear Boz

    Thank you for copying your email to me.

    I think we all know that this would be an appropriate and compelling gesture.

    I spoke with David Joseph today. His position is that owing to Universal having a very close connection to the events, much as they see your point, they are not intending to release any records in response to the tragic events of last Friday. They feel it is too raw for them given the death of one of their staff members and instead they are going to show support and solidarity in other ways, including concerts in Paris later this year by some of their artists.

    However, I believe that Universal would licence the song back for eg a release for proceeds to relevant charities (which I assume would be the plan). In short there may be a possibility here but it would have to be a release via a third party. Personally I think there could be a very forceful statement to be made. It will of course require M's input. Have you discussed this with him - I assume so.

    If you want me to pursue this, please let me know. Time inevitably is of the essence.

    Yours sincerely


    John Reid
    Russells Solicitors

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    1. tyronepowebottom
      you tried :thumb:
    2. Anonymous
      It's time you admitted you come here more often than you'd like your followers to believeā€¦

      Slow news day, eh? Methinks you should be asking yourself those questions. For a site you et co seem to loathe, you sure do frequent here a lot. Shouldn't you be making up personas or parodies??
      While I have you here, I'd like to ask you something that you wouldn't dare allow on your blog. -- Why are you so quick to point out the "coincidences", constantly bringing up the same ones over & over ad infinitum, yet all the bs that was supposed to eventuate/"predictions" (eg: supposed leaked book passages, song lyrics pre WPINOYB etc) was so quickly erased from your mind/s?
    3. AgathaC
      Audience coming to terms
    4. tyronepowebottom
      i kinda feel bad for Boz and the band. They are just his puppets :( i know some people here dislike Johnny Marr, but at least i don't think he would have allowed to become one of his puppets, in my opinion
    5. BrummieBoy
      Any remaining doubts as to the credibility of Boz Boorer have now evaporated. Either he's Morrissey's lackey or he's capable of the grotesque demand for a NO 1 RECORD! from the depths of his own moral abyss. Either way, he's now a figure of scorn.

      Compared, of course, to Morrissey's 'holier than thou' assumption that he has any moral credibility to memorialise the Paris Attacks given his TTY propaganda machine links to those who claim the attacks were staged. Or his comments about Oslo. Try and find another straw to cling to as you go down with the sinking ship that is The Cult Of Morrissey.

    6. A Man Escaped
      A Man Escaped
      Not strictly true. Johnny has talked in the past that he felt obliged at times to side with Morrissey when it came to things like sacking managers (particularly Joe Moss) and scrapping tours.

      I don't think The Smiths would have last as long as they did without Marr agreeing with Morrissey even if it went against his own instincts.
    7. Anonymous
      All those people clamouring for a Smiths reunion - unless Johnny *really* needs the money, he must look at things like this and feel so glad that he is away from having to deal with Morrissey's diva bullshit.
    8. Anonymous
      "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" is like a second-rate, single girl in the city sitcom theme song on some forgotten cable station.

      The song stinks, move on. Stop embarrassing yourself Morrissey.
    9. tyronepowebottom
      um true dat. But at the end you know he got tired of moz. I just wish boz and the band weren't such puppets you know :(
    10. terrancestamp
      What is with all the Boz hating??? Boz is a great guy and wants what is best for Morrissey. Never mind the fact that he played on the record (that gets you some kind of voice, right?) Saying it would be number one in the charts is not a plea to be number one, it is just a statement that it would be a very big song. Hence, speaking to the label's opportunity to exploit the situation. They have always done it with Elton John and countless others. Why stop now and get morals? If someone has a way to do a third party site that supports Paris by buying the song I would buy it. I don't even need to buy the song. If Moz just puts up a video and you can link to donate I would do it.

      Everyone always wants to pervert everything on here. EVERYONE does not ALWAYS have ulterior motives.
    11. BrummieBoy
      Boz and the band are responsible for their own morality. In choosing to go along with Morrissey's scandalous trolling of both Oslo and Paris terrorist attacks they have indeed revealed themselves to be nothing more than hired puppets of their Cult Dear Leader. The only way for them to reclaim moral agency is to distance themselves from the vile troll Morrissey. Most of us, as morally coherent persons, would rather work in a supermarket than sell their souls to parade on stage with such a conspiracy loon but that's their choice and their problem.

      Why do you think 'some people here dislike Johnny Marr'? Because he, unlike Boz Boorer, had the guts to stand up to Morrissey and to walk away from fame and fortune to retain his moral integrity. He had the gumption to fess up to ripping off The Bass Player and The Drummer and settled with them, whilst Morrissey's delusions on that front led to his pathetic tax exile attempts to escape the judgements of the court. Has Morrissey settled with Joyce yet? We must now await the Autobiography of Johnny Marr with calm patience. Will Johnny Marr's recollections allow us to understand how Morrissey has ended up a figure of scorn and ridicule for his outbursts over Oslo, Paris and 'the Chinese sub-species'? Did Johnny Marr try to reign him in? Will Johnny be 'diplomatic' in hopes of The Smiths Reunion Pension Fund Payday? Or will he spill the beans as to why he really felt it was imperative to distance himself from Morrissey and end The Smiths? Of course, Morrissey will be working hard now on Autobiography Part 2 but when he's dead there will be nothing and no-one who can stop the truth from emerging. And he knows it. Hence his desperate attempts to nurture his Public Image as a Martyr whilst still breathing. He must surely know that when he croaks the floodgates will open and his Legacy will be that of ridicule and scorn.

      There is only one reason why Universal Records even bother to deal with Morrissey's nonsense and that is because they still think he'll capitulate to The Smith's Reunion out of financial neccessity. They also own a lot of his back catalogue so will do anything they can reasonably do to stop him sabotaging it's future profitablility as a Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame Museum exhibit on streaming services, even perhaps giving him another record contract when he finally accepts the diminished power of his poker hand in negotiations. For those, like me, who follow all this as an online soap-opera/morality tale, this is all good fun-other than the loathsomeness of trolling the Oslo and Paris terrorist atrocities. Morrissey is a frightful Conspiracy Loon and a Vile Troll. Whilst enjoying rubber-necking the car-crash of his career, one must also retain some distance and elevation and realise that he has crossed a line with this latest outrage, the same line he crossed with the Utoya Massacre. He is trolling the terrorist attacks and he is thus revealed as perhaps the saddest, most devious, truculent and unreliable Crank-Fraud in the history of popular music.

    12. Anonymous
      hi boz.i assume you have a piece of the song?
    13. Anonymous
      My good friend Charlie Hebdo obviously new something like this was going to happen in Silly Steven World just look at the timing.


      Anonymous - November 15, 2015, 01:13 PM Reply
      Hey Uncle Steve it's me Sam, have you seen sky news ? It's mad for it, no I mean its made for it ! This is it Uncle can't you see ? It's yer time to Feckin sparkle so it is.

      Calm down Sam it's 4:30 am here, he's fast asleep what are going on about ?

      Oh Damon it's you ! Listen I've had another great idea to get Uncle Steve that coveted number one he yearns fer by re-releasing Paris as the official charity song like Geldof did but bigger and I could do one o me fecking montages on the cover everyone's a winner, wadya think Damie ?

      But what about the cash it generates Sam who gets it ?

      Well, well the Feckin charity of course, Paris-aid.

      Goodbye !

      Mum ! Mum ! Mum I think I got it wrong again Mum.

      Sammy yer feckin eejit leave yer Uncle Steve and Damon alone will yer, they've been so busy lately.

      ( one day I'll feckin show em ! I am good it dis, I can take photos and do music industry shit ! I can, I can )

      Charlie H
    14. BrummieBoy
      I realise this is a challenging time for Morrissey Cult Casualties such as yourself. I hope there is someone you can turn to to share your distress. I cannot see how it is helpful to you to post random irrelevant photographs of audience members, but if it consoles you, carry on.

      Please put out a search party for 'Ketamine Sun' who after having barraged every thread with pseudo-Morrissey-esqe persona dronings, has suddenly disappeared. Light a candle for he/she/it/them as I fear they may be in similar distress to 'AgathaC'

    15. AgathaC
      They were having a good time, you should try it Bummie Boy
    16. g23
      The only reliable, un-devious, non-truculent biography of the man will come after he's dead. And dear lord, I get the feeling it will be a shit-show of epic, Howard Hughes proportions when nobody has to fear being sued back to the stone age. :lbf:
    17. BrummieBoy
      And this is why this epic drama will continue until one of The Smith's original members dies. Hopefully it will be Morrissey in a motorway pile-up or butchered and served in batter at a KFC restaurant. I doubt Johnny Marr is 'poor' but he's not a Tax Exile like Morrissey so perhaps his moral compass can't be distorted by the lure of a payoff from Live Nation to trundle around the world as 'The Smiths'. Time will tell, but until then we must stare aghast at the continuing Morrissey Meltdown in between watching other C List Celebrity dramas in jungles or in the Big Brother house. There's no difference between the celebrities eating testicles in the jungle and Morrissey spewing shit from his mouth, other than Tony Hadley and the rest are more honest than Morrissey in accepting they need the attention to get the money etc.

      Last edited: Nov 26, 2015
    18. BrummieBoy
      I am having a great time debunking Morrissey and his sad cult followers like you. Morrissey is a Conspiracy Loon and a raving Troll. He thinks he can be 'loving' towards the victims of ISIS in Paris whilst refusing to rescind his remarks about Oslo. Or Brighton. Let's not forget his comments about the IRA bombing there. Really, the signs of all this were there from the outset. I wonder if Johnny Marr thought about ending The Smiths after that grotesque outburst?

    19. BrummieBoy
      Which is why I hope he dies soon in a motorway pile-up or is butchered and served in batter at KFC. The sooner this Conspiracy Loon is entombed six feet under, the sooner we get the unvarnished biographical truths you refer to. I think he knows this is the case hence his endless attempts to construct a Conspiracy Explanation as part of his Legacy. His legacy will now be undoubtedly that of a loon. Howard Hughes elements, but LOTS of David Icke too. Sadly I can see him parading and raving the stage to ever decreasing circles of his Cult, a balding buffoon in misguided trousers who never understood it was way past time to 'Get Off Of The Stage'. It's amusing to think of David Bowie, Tony Visconti and Kristeen Young LOLing through this latest meltdown. I wonder if Bowie has a profile on this site? It wouldn't surprise me given his penchant for subtefuge.

    20. BrummieBoy
      You do realise you have accepted that Morrissey's 'loving' tribute is morally bankrupt with the words "why stop now and get morals"? It's very clear Morrissey has no moral scruples whatsoever about attempting to exploit this tragedy for personal and career gain via his henchman/lackey Boz 'The Buffoon' Boorer. No doubt we will get "Hated For Loving" back on the set list soon as he laments the failure of the world to take up his offer of a 'loving tribute' to the Paris Attacks. Fuck You Morrissey.


      PS: is there any particular reason you changed fonts for the last few words?

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