TTY: Universal Music, the approach made to David Joseph, since denied by David Joseph

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By hand in glove on Nov 26, 2015 at 7:43 AM
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    Universal Music, the approach made to David Joseph, since denied by David Joseph -
    25 November 2015

    On 18 Nov 2015, at 15:29, Boz Boorer -------------------- wrote:

    Dear David,

    My name is Boz Boorer and I represent all of the musicians who played

    We are shocked that you have made no move this week to promote the
    above song (download/special 7-inch/special CD) to support the people
    of Paris. Any other artist would be number 1 with this song RIGHT NOW.

    Why are you doing nothing? There is no other song in modern music that
    aptly supports the people of Paris.

    Most sincerely yours




    From: John Reid --------------------
    Date: November 19, 2015 at 6:39:51 PM GMT-2
    To: Boz Boorer --------------------
    Subject: Re: Paris

    Dear Boz

    Thank you for copying your email to me.

    I think we all know that this would be an appropriate and compelling gesture.

    I spoke with David Joseph today. His position is that owing to Universal having a very close connection to the events, much as they see your point, they are not intending to release any records in response to the tragic events of last Friday. They feel it is too raw for them given the death of one of their staff members and instead they are going to show support and solidarity in other ways, including concerts in Paris later this year by some of their artists.

    However, I believe that Universal would licence the song back for eg a release for proceeds to relevant charities (which I assume would be the plan). In short there may be a possibility here but it would have to be a release via a third party. Personally I think there could be a very forceful statement to be made. It will of course require M's input. Have you discussed this with him - I assume so.

    If you want me to pursue this, please let me know. Time inevitably is of the essence.

    Yours sincerely


    John Reid
    Russells Solicitors

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    1. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      I've read it over and over and I don't see a denial. Just plans for the future and the fact they aren't releasing any songs by any artist concerning Paris. All John is saying is that he thinks it's a good idea, but he needs to know where the proceeds will go and he needs to hear from Morrissey and not Boz.

      It's not a denial.
    2. DavidK
      Universal spokesperson: "We have not received – let alone refused – any request from Morrissey himself related to ‘I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris’."

      So Morrissey didn't reach out to Universal, Boz did. No where in Boz's email did he claim to speak on Morrissey's behalf, and Universal even noted that in their response. I feel that Universal's response was actually very well done. They explained their sensitivities, the personal connection with these attacks, and didn't rule out the idea of a release in the future - when and if, Morrissey himself initiates it. They even brought up charity, well played.

      As for Boz's email... well where to start. It seems pretty clear that he had 'someone' breathing down his neck as he wrote it. I find it laughable that he claims that it would be a #1 song and even more laughable that he claims that no other song in modern memory better supports the people of Paris. Firstly, it is a mediocre song. Secondly, it could be called 'I'm throwing my arms around Pittsburgh' and it wouldn't make a lick of difference. The song speaks nothing about Paris or it's citizens, only about loneliness - the setting itself is moot. Hardly a fitting tribute to Parisians and especially those already in mourning.

      In circumstances such as these you would think that helping others would be at the forefront of people's minds. Boz's email to Universal shows no desire to help anyone other than themselves.. no mention of charities, only chart topping opportunities missed. All just seems very apathetic given the timing.
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    3. Anonymous
      It IS a denial for the request made by Boz (and the band). The plans for the future, you are talking about, are worded by Reid in a very vague way ... "I BELIEVE that Universal ..." "There MAY BE a possibility ..." And the only thing Reid expects is that Boz talks to Moz about it. He clearly says to BOZ "If YOU want me to pursue this, please let me know".
    4. Anonymous
      Well, how do we KNOW Universal didn't receive a reply regarding charity? After all there had not even been a request according to them. And if their tribute is more suitable to Paris we can't judge until december.
    5. MIDNITE
      Im pretty sure that these e-mails have nothing whatsoever 2 do with "topping the charts" ect and it was done only in the best interests of the people and tragic and terrible events in paris.

      E-mails have been sent and those in power who think they can lie and cover everything up ect and have denied any such existence of them, therefore the e-mails have been made public 2 expose these people and the truth be known.

      Theres nothing wrong whatsoever 4 morrissey 2 post on as its obviously somewere for him were he feels safe 2 speack publically on the internet free from trolls ect
      Im really glad hes found someone in julia who he can trust !! :)
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    6. Irregular Regular
    7. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Well, excuse me, but I personally don't see how, "If YOU want me to pursue this, please let me know", can be considered a denial. And phrases like "I believe" and "There may be a possibility" sound more encouraging than discouraging. I agree with DavidK that their response was reasonable and I really feel that had Morrissey approached John with ideas then it could have gone through. That's how it reads to me, anyway.
    8. Uncleskinny
      Indeed. There comes a time when you should just say "fuck it" and walk away. The attempt to get in the news and/or public consciousness (other than here) on the back of an appalling human tragedy has failed. Just forget it and walk away with whatever shreds of dignity are left.
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    9. MIDNITE
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    10. Anonymous
      TTY isn't his site. And why would he open himself up to such crap from people anyway? Even now when it pretty obvious that Boz was the source of the latest posts. Let's all bang on at Morrissey about it, eh?
    11. marred
      The holier than thou position some of the posters take on this site is hilarious.
    12. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      I'm going with no email was sent by Boz, so this whole thing is crap:straightface:
    13. 2-J
      Boz is just a puppet on a string to Moz... that's how he's managed to stay close all these years while the others have fallen away. We've seen it publicly many times now but it is never any less cringeworthy.
    14. Ryan
      "Why are you doing nothing? There is no other song in modern music that aptly supports the people of Paris."


      "I'm throwing my arms around Paris because nobody wants my love, nobody needs my love. Yes, you've made yourself plain. Yes you've made yourself very plain."

      How does that aptly support the people of Paris?
    15. Anonymous
      Unfortunately, this, sadly..

      All this tty shite is seriously baffling. A grown man.
    16. Thewlis
      "In the absence of your love" , "in the absence of human touch", very fitting indeed.
      I can't think of another song in modern music that aptly supports the people of Paris.
    17. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      Don't you see it Ryan? How can you not? The song has Paris in the title AND in the lyrics.
      It's surely the perfect tribute.
      You see? I was right in my decision to never tour the UK again. The proof is here for all to see, those vile UK record company execs won't even re-issue my Paris single.
      It could have been my first #1, it SHOULD have been my first #1.
    18. Guernie
      Ryan, just look at the name of the song ......... that says it all . Please don't be a bone head. The terrorists don't love western culture much less Moz .
    19. Anonymous
      Universal Music, London -
      19 November 2015

      "David Joseph at Universal Music in London has refused the request made by Morrissey and the band to re-issue 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris' as a loving tribute to the lives lost in the Paris atrocities. David Joseph is instead arranging his own tribute to Paris utilizing his current crop of Universal artists."

      This TTY statement suggests a request was made by Steven and the Lawnmowers !
      As far as I can see on the evidence presented Martin acting alone sent an e-mail with the Lawnmowers names on it at the end.
      So there wasn't a request which involved Steven himself.

      This bucket is full of holes. Case dismissed !


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